newbie here and answers needed for some lucid dreams i been

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newbie here and answers needed for some lucid dreams i been

Postby giedra » 17 Mar 2013 16:00

Hi everyone,

Im just going to jump right in as i need answers ASAP been researching but nothing is clear!

So in the past i had lucid dreams where im fully aware that i am dreaming, there's been times when i am trying to wake up because my brain wakes up but not my body and there be pain in my head while still asleep and i cant move my body, im trying to scream because im in a lot of pain and it feels like im fighting with myself but im really scared so i jut try to wake up cos i know im still in some sort of dream, eventually i wake up pain is gone and im fine.
I had this happen few times over the last 3 years or so.

Now, 2 nights ago i went to sleep around 11pm. I realised that i was dreaming, pain came on again. The pain is like my brain is trying to enter something but im scared so im not letting it happen and then i thought (in the lucid dream) let it happen let me see what happens cant be that bad as its me dreaming and i have actually thought that (while not sleeping) next time i have these lucid dream ill allow it to go further and not fight it. So i did...pain went...all black and it felt weird like i was inside my mind..and then i said to myself "I CAN BE" and it came from my unconscious mind then my consciousness laughed and i felt like i giggled literally because i felt like wow i finally allowed myself to do this and this is what it is and its almost a gateway for something very exciting, like i unlocked something.

This might sound strange and sounds strange to me too. I just want to know if someone else has experienced this, know something about this or anything that this could be.

Any type if information/help at this point will be more than useful!

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Re: newbie here and answers needed for some lucid dreams i b

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 Mar 2013 00:59

It sounds like you finally got rid of the fear which was giving you issues (fear is never helpful if you are in a LD state as you will just then created all kinds of negative experiences) and just now stepped into your subconciousnesses which is what LD is and how it choose to represent itself. This is just the LD you subconsciously manifested for yourself.

Have fun :D You have unlocked something for yourself. The world of lucid dreaming!!
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