Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

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Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby quietgirl » 18 Mar 2013 08:22

I dreamt last night, I bought an old white smock and then four sleeveless dresses which could be disguised as petticoats, or slips; one was black. The black one was lacey. I wondered how the black could be disguised under the white. I was to be married, but still I did not know the groom. I was trying to work the order of dress under the urgency of pressing Wedding. I found a maroon, floral, sleeveless, long dress and realised my daughter was the bridesmaid. My Mother said my sister's girls would wear different short dresses and I know they are not part of the wedding party. My Mother was happy I was being married, finally she could see her daughter having respect and this importance of correct marriage belongs to her lineage. The smock is white cotton and has hand crocheted lace neckline trim and my sleeves are puffed and capped. My nature was prudent and only concerned with cleanliness and neatness not opulence.
I was in a rush for some reason or other. Six months prior to this dream, I was getting married in a Victorian, Indigo travelling gown - no husband. I was finishing off the gores and hemming the garment, in time to get across a creekbed before it flooded. My cousin, same age, was also being married at the same time in a royal blue Victorian evening gown. We are both the same age - mid 40s.

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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby franklinw94 » 19 Mar 2013 21:59

Nice dream....hope to see like that..
thanks for sharing with us your dream....

Uvita Henville
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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby Uvita Henville » 01 Jun 2014 00:38

Hi Quiet Girl,

You may want to write the different symbols down that show up in your dream, for example: white dress, black dress, husband, mother and ask yourself what these symbols mean to you. Also what they may mean to you in terms of something currently going on in your life right now. These symbols are playing out in your dream because your unconscious is trying to inform you about a current situation going on for you right now. There is a step by step process of asking questions for each symbol which can be used for all dreams, to find the answers and possible solutions to your dreams and it is Free: Check out

Love Uvita.

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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby zoroaster » 26 Jan 2015 06:38

Nice dream,I have an one most romantic plan to celebrate my wedding party to only with my family friend also i have an idea to give a proper nice gift to every one who has all comes in wedding party.For dress I just bought the other day, so nice

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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby rogerb » 16 Mar 2015 10:52

Dresseslover clothes is sexy but price is low prices.

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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby Vesperion » 07 May 2016 06:18

Nice dream and it seems romantic. hey btw I am also looking for a bridal dress here in California, I found a site selling something different and handmade bridal dress can you guys please have a look and suggest that should I got for it not? As wedding is something very special day in everyone life!
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Re: Wedding dress -3 white slips, 1 black slip.

Postby HAGART » 08 May 2016 04:00

That's the 3rd reply in a row that's drawn the attention of an advertisement for wedding dresses. I guess it's a keyword they search for. These aren't spambots anymore. They're evolving and getting smarter. Ads are becoming intelligent.

I'm sure companies higher people overseas to scour the internet and act human instead of robots. We should ask, Vesperion, "Will you help a tortoise on it's back, baking in the desert sun?"

I watch too much South Park. ;)

(And I must say, I don't fault any of them for doing it. You need to make a living and I wish you all well.)
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