The Reactions of Sleeping Pill

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The Reactions of Sleeping Pill

Postby franklinw94 » 18 Mar 2013 12:23

Jack faces severe problem about his sleeping. In the every night he thinks before his sleeping tonight he is not perfect for the sleep & that happen. After running such as some night he feels very tired and not able to work. He shared his problem to his friend and his friend suggested eating sleeping pill. Whatever Jack affected by the sleeping pill for every night but he don’t know the bad affect of this.

There have many Jack to the around of us. After eating such as medicine we faces many kind of problems. There some lists of the problems which could you face:

 You can be affected by the CANCER.
 Your NERVE can be weak.
 You can face for BREATHING.
 Your BRAIN can be weak.
 Your BODY can be weak.
 Sometimes your head can be affected by HEADACHE.
 Little problem with your DIGEST.
 You feel pain of your FOOT & BREST.

And according to the recent research by the British Medical Journal: Men are going to the death by eating the sleeping pill in the regular basis.

You should be careful about your sleeping.
Are you taking care?
Thank you.

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Re: The Reactions of Sleeping Pill

Postby CFH983743 » 19 Mar 2013 21:44

Which pill?

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Re: The Reactions of Sleeping Pill

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2013 10:36

It all depends.. for some it may be more harmful not to be taking sleeping pills esp if they have other disorders going on too in which they need their sleep for healing.

The latest sleep research has shown that it only takes one week of not getting enough sleep for our immunity to go down. Just imagine then what it does to have night after night of not getting a healthy sleep. Sleep is healthy and needed.

Sleep issues thou should always be tried to be dealt with with other treatments other then sleeping pills but sleeping pills are good if nothing else helps and they are really needed. (I say this as one who does take sleeping drugs at times when needed.. I take 4 different drugs for sleep as per needed and I can say for me they have been a lifesaver (melatonin, doxylamine succinate, clonidine and Temazapam and no I arent addicted to any sleep drug if you are wondering).

Ever been so tired due to not getting any sleep at all for up to 5 days that you actually start hallucinating?
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