Burying dead hummingbirds...

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Burying dead hummingbirds...

Postby LucidLeon » 19 Mar 2013 09:43

So I just woke up from this dream that left me in a very sad/confused state...

I dreamt that I and my family were in our garden and there were lots of hummingbirds there. I was really happy and tried to catch some of them, and after a while two of them got tangled in my hair. My dad thought they were flies, so he smacked them and they both died. I got really sad, and insisted on burying them in the most beautiful spot of our garden. For the rest of the dream I desperately tried to bury the hummingbirds but all sorts of problems came in the way: like my mother started filling the hole I dug with flour, I lost the hummingbirds, I had started digging in the wrong spot...

At the point where the hummingbirds died the dream seemed to loose all colour, it was nearly black and white and a thick fog had appeared. All the other hummingbirds has disappeared as well. People walked by our garden and one of them winked at me, I felt uncomfortable. I remember saying to my family "These people are freaking me out, there are never any people at our street (we live quite isolated) and now there are all these zombie-like people here..."

I just now remembered that at the beginning of the dream my sister was in the other end of the garden, and she was digging up the shells of crayfish... I have no idea what that means though.

It was one of those dreams that leave you with and uncomfortable feeling, like it was significant somehow... Do any of you have an interpretation of it?

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Re: Burying dead hummingbirds...

Postby oliverclay » 22 Mar 2013 05:59

This is sad dream where two birds get died by your father, You need to come over it.

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