Using a dream cellphone

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Re: Using a dream cellphone

Postby dreamworld777 » 26 Mar 2013 14:36

Many times I find myself trying to use my cell phone in dreams...always the same outcome though..either the call won't go through or someone answers and tells me that I have the wrong number.This actually led me to being lucid in a dream once because I had a false awakening dream once where I overslept and was late for work and tried to call my job and some guy answered and began talking complete nonsense about how I was dialing the wrong number..after several failed attempts,I realized that the number is preset in my phone so I couldn't possibly be dialing the wrong number and I instantly realized I was dreaming...but yeah, my cell phone or any phone for that matter never really works correctly.I have decided to just try to use this as a dream sign to become lucid anytime it happens.

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Re: Using a dream cellphone

Postby R99 » 27 Mar 2013 09:57

yesterday night i used a cellphone in my LD. and wat u know, it worked well. phone looked small and the display was awesome. it got a black background, like no light coming from the black background but the icons are awesome, thats the only thing produced light, every icon got its own color, green, red, magenta, but i didnt tried make call. maybe that LD was short, next time i will surely make a call. phone was basic no camera or bluetooth or internet. overall it was great.
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Re: Using a dream cellphone

Postby Highlander » 27 Mar 2013 10:58

The appearance of the cell phone is always great. But working with it's a lot of trouble. :)

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