Fly to space in a few seconds

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Fly to space in a few seconds

Postby Highlander » 22 Mar 2013 13:57

There is a technique i invented in an LD that has allowed me to fly from Earth to deep space in a few seconds. Already made it about 3 times and with good results.

In the dream, I decide that I want to fly to space, but I can only fly a few feet. Then, standing in the air, i look down, open my arms (not too much, as long as they are in my field of vision). I look at my hands and to the objects that are close to my hands into my field of vision and slowly close the arms. It's like when we zoom out on a tablet / smartphone, but here is with arms and in full size.
In a few seconds, the Earth disappears from my feet and I'm in space.

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Re: Fly to space in a few seconds

Postby ConnorAJSneddon » 26 Mar 2013 21:40

That actually sounds like a very good idea. Well done for coming up with that, I'm sure that will be very useful to allot of people who would like to explore outer space in there LD's but do not yet have the capability to fly.
Keep getting so close and giving up :(!!

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