young mother

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young mother

Postby signe » 25 Mar 2013 13:15

I am really excited I would like to try lucid dreaming, but my 9 month toddler wakes me up every 1-2 hours. I'm used to this and don't feel tired at day.
Does anyone have experience with lucid dreaming in such conditions? What are your suggestions?
Thank you!

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Re: young mother

Postby deepakkumaar97 » 25 Mar 2013 14:30

There is always something,in your case maybe this could help:

If you completely wake up, you can still try WBTB technique, which is a success among newbies:
Do a reality check

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Re: young mother

Postby signe » 25 Mar 2013 15:11

There is another question that is bothering me - will I hear my baby, if I am "somewhere else"?

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Re: young mother

Postby dreamworld777 » 25 Mar 2013 15:24

I'm sure you would still be able to hear your baby.You are not really somewhere else,you are still sleeping in your bed.Just as a phone or doorbell will awaken you from sleep,I would imagine that your baby crying would also wake you up or either the sound will carry into your dream and your subconscious will awaken you because you know you are looking out for that sound even while asleep.

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Re: young mother

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Mar 2013 07:53

Yes you will still wake up if your babe needs you
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Re: young mother

Postby oliverclay » 22 Apr 2013 07:28

You are doing it somewhere wrong, take the advice from expert.

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