Was this a WILD?

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Was this a WILD?

Postby crazytoucan4u » 26 Mar 2013 17:04

Hello everyone,
After about 2 weeks of intensive dream recording, reality checks MILD and WBTB practice, I had my second real lucid experience. Not only did I have an unbelievable, realistic, long lucid dream but I think I also may have unintentionally had a WILD. Since that is what this post is about, I will copy the description of what I wrote in my dream journal. It seems to me like it was a WILD but I would like to have other opinions. This description happened very shortly after waking from a dream. I'm not sure how much time I spent awake before this, but it could have only been moments.

"As I lay in bed I feel myself going back into the dream world. As this is happening I realize that I am completely conscious and there has been no lapse in consciousness. I understand that this is probably the beginning of an unintentional WILD. I cannot see anything yet and I decide to focus on feeling myself in the dream world first in order to try and stabilize the dream. I do this by stomping my feet on the ground. I can feel the ground beneath my feet and it feels exactly like reality. This was on par with the “real lucid dream” I had a few weeks ago. After I am satisfied with the stomping I decide to focus on trying to orient myself because though I am losing awareness of my body, I still relate my orientation with the laid down position. I float myself upward and into a standing position. Now I can feel myself dropping into the dream setting. I was coming down into the room from the previous dream I had just awoken from. As I float down into the room I reach the floor. However, instead of stopping and standing in the room, I float past the floor and begin falling downward into a black abyss. I look up and see the dream room moving up and away from me. Though this is startling I am not panicked or terrified, but I am disappointed. I was not horribly afraid but I did not fight waking up. As I woke up I felt tingling and numbness in the lower half of my body. "

What do you guys think?

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Re: Was this a WILD?

Postby Peter » 26 Mar 2013 20:17

As this is happening I realize that I am completely conscious and there has been no lapse in consciousness

this describes a WILD quite nicely so yes it was a WILD
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Re: Was this a WILD?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 26 Mar 2013 22:17

There are a few different ways WILD happens for me, but this decribes one of them pretty well. A lot of times they start out in darkness and then I pop into a fully formed dream scene in color with details. There are so many other in-between states that have varying degrees of stability and visuals.
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