Tips for what i think was my first lucid dream

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Tips for what i think was my first lucid dream

Postby achilleus » 28 Mar 2013 09:04

All this happened about 3 hours ago, and i'm so mesmerized and enthralled with the experience that I cant sleep again. I'm sure i could of controlled what happened better, or actually lived in the short moment and experienced a new world, but i feel like i had to fight for what little did happen and i'm still not convinced it was truly lucid. So here is my story, if anyone has any tips, thoughts, or anything to say about what happened, i would love to hear it. I definitely would like to master control of this, so any advice would greatly help.

tired from lack of sleep the night before, I passed out around 6pm. Although I don’t really have any recollection of what happened when I fell asleep, something caused me to wake up around 9. I remained up for a few minutes and fell back asleep. This second sleep cycle would be, in my opinion, lucid. I start out in a house I don’t really recognize, there is a hallway or a room on the right, and I am sitting on the floor in front of a TV with a playstation. My dad appears from the room on the right, wearing nothing but boxers and giving off every impression that he is going to bed. I begin playing the playstation, these moments I remember vividly. It was a mafia-esque video game that was supposed to be set in the 50s. It was a third person game, the main guy had parted dark hair and a pistol in his hand. I am crouched behind something, we are in an alleyway or a backstreet in a city and there is a truck that looks like it would hold gravel or sand possibly. It starts driving, the character I am playing jumps over the obstacle and jumps on the back. My person morphs into the character I am playing as and it is me on the back of the lorry, I start to get a weird feeling that this is all very familiar. Two freight trucks appear on both sides of my truck, and it tries to knock me off by crashing between them. At this point I begin to question if its real, and a female voice appears. The voice says something along the lines of “Haven’t you ever had a lucid dream before?” in a way that is almost déjà vu again, the world around me is paused at this moment, and I reply “I don’t know”. At this point, like something reminiscent of star wars warp drive, my peripherals go away, I get tunnel vision and everything I see in front stretches back. I rush toward a tiny gap between the lorry and the truck and make it through. From here on out I can recall very little about my environment. I believe it’s at this moment I realize that I have attained a conscious dream. The world around me seems to shake and blur itself, I do not recall what it looked like but it was well lit. I want to stay in this state, but another part of my mind wants to leave. I feel like I am fighting for this to happen. My left eye I am struggling to keep closed but there is something bright inside that wants it to open, the female voice gives some sexual reference and my dream world seems to stabilize a little. I pull out a phone I have never seen before, and begin looking for a sex app (yeah I realize this is pretty out there). At this point the phone and my forearms are crystal clear, although I have no memory of my hands, and I feel like I am beginning to slip out of conscious and into a regular dream state. I notice the home screen of this phone has all the icons as smiley faces and without writing and my conscious snaps back on. This causes me to look up and the world, which I still can’t describe except as well lit, to vibrate uncontrollably and go dark and I wake up. Looking at my clock it is only 9:45, the actual lucid part must of only lasted a max total of about 2 minutes but probably less.

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Re: Tips for what i think was my first lucid dream

Postby DeltaV » 28 Mar 2013 15:10

This article will help you:
Doing those things will help you to extend your time in a lucid dream.
You have bought a ticket for a train of thought heading for your wildest dreams. Choose your destination, and enjoy the ride!

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