Lucid Dreaming Application

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Lucid Dreaming Application

Postby Canning_s » 06 Apr 2013 06:54

Hey all,

I am writing an application where people can create their own dreams, listen to their dreams via audio and can share their dreams.

Part of this application is finding a Voice that will facilitate lucid dreaming.

If anyone has some spare time, can they please listen to this quick 14 second wav file and place a comment as to whether it is acceptable or not.

Here is the link:



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Re: Lucid Dreaming Application

Postby tea » 06 Apr 2013 19:52

what do you mean by accaptable? whether this voice sounds ok for such a job or not?

well... i think this voice sounds too computer-generated and emotionless, i'd definitely recommend you to find someone to speak it.

what do you think?
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Re: Lucid Dreaming Application

Postby Canning_s » 07 Apr 2013 02:38

Sorry, by acceptable, I meant whether it does in fact sound good enough for the job.

Thanks for your input, I actually personally agree and thought that I should ask online first for other peoples opinions.

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