What does this dream mean?

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What does this dream mean?

Postby flightlineangel » 08 Apr 2013 18:26

So, I have this guy in my waking life that I am dating, but I always had a feeling that the fact that his ex girlfriend cheated on him and hurt him so bad (he almost married her) is the reason he hokds back some in our relationship. I have always had very detailed dreams, and when I remember them, they usually mean something, but I cannot for the life of me decipher this one.

I fell alseep one night and dreamed that I was in a warehouse filled with food. All sorts of food, like anything you could think of, and for some reason I was on a quest for frozen strawberries. I finally found them. I was walking around the market with my boyfriend's roomate (who is like my big brother) and I have no clue why. We were flying around on a segway, and then we ended up walking, all in this market. Throughout the whole dream, I heard a woman's voice speaking on a loud speaker all throughout the market, even though I couldnt make out who it was or what they were saying. His roomate and I ended up being chased around by these men in yellow hazmat suits. It suddenly became difficult for me to breathe, and I looked up at the ceiling and saw that there were ceiling fans on that were blowing out yellow tear gas. He was holding my hand, and we were running around the market trying to get away, and Iwas frightenend, and then I woke up.

About a month later, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was in something that looked like an abandoned factory. it was dark and gloomy and it just felt like something was wrong. I was chasing my boyfriend around, and he ended up going up a flight of stairs, so I followed. I ended up in the barracks that we live in on the same floor as we live, and he ran into his room and shut the door in my face, and no matter how hard I knocked, he wouldn't let me in. So I went to the staircase to go outside, and I looked back down into the stairwell of the dark and gloomy factory, and I saw a yellow boot belonging to one of the men from the first dream. But this time I wasn't afriad of the men, I wanted to find out what they wanted, so I went down the stairs after him. I got to the bottom, and there was a bunch of them hanging on a railing, and I turned a corner, and I ended up back in the warehouse full of food, with the fans still going blowing tear gas. I heard the loudspeaker again, and this time it was a man's voice (I dont know who) and I could make out what he was saying. He said, "You idiots, are you sure that it's (my boyfriend's ex's name)'s fault? What are you going to do with her?!" And then I realized, the men weren't after me... they were after my boyfriend's ex, and it was her voice on the loud speaker. I kept running around the market and I eventually fouund where the loudspeaker was being projected from, it was a man I've never seen before with a microphone in a cage talkiing. I got on the floor and crawled under one of the tables of food that was directly next to it, I recall seeing some green peppers, limes, and red peppers and tomatoes. The men in the yellow suits finally caught my boyfriend's ex, and I don't know how I knew because I didn't see it, I just did, and the minute they did, the fans turned off and the tear gas stopped blowing, and I could breathe again. I stood up, took my boyfriend's hand, and we walked out of the warehouse into this bright light, and I woke up.

what could this mean? please help!

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Re: What does this dream mean?

Postby LucidLink » 10 Apr 2013 01:19

I have some simple advice, but do not take it lightly. It is hard for anybody but yourself to truly understand your dream symbolism, but my advice will help.

Just simpily ask yourself: "Why did I give myself that experience?" ;)

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Re: What does this dream mean?

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Apr 2013 09:04

Ignore my comment if it doesnt at all feel right but Im wondering if this dream is rather ALL ABOUT YOU rather then your boyfriends ex like you have been thinking it is.

strawberries to me are a food of love (couples often feed each other strawberries).. in this dream the strawberries were thou "frozen". So I guess a sign of love going wrong. Ask yourself was there something going wrong in your relationship.

The woman on the loud speaker seems to be symbolising someone not being heard in the way of not being understood. The people not answering the door.. also may be symbolising not being heard .. in this case ignored. So I'd think are symbolising communication issues or you are ignoring something going on with yourself

Not being able to breath can represent a stress over something going on in your life. Tear gas .. something which makes one cry.

The hazmat suits.. seem to be a warning of problems and that something isnt going right. Thing is you are fleeing from this..were you fleeing instead of facing your issues in real life?

Chasing your boyfriend and him fleeing.. seems to represent that you have some kind of relationship issues with him. Also with him fleeing.. there is a lack of communication going on or maybe your boyfriend is really representing yourself fleeing from issues (may not even be related to your boyfriend) esp seeing in the first dream you yourself was fleeing...so this strengthens that seeing your boyfriend flee could well be representing yourself fleeing or not wanting anything to do with a life situation.

The second dream showed some kind of progress has happened eg instead of fleeing you went after the guy in the hazmat suit to find out what was going on. Due to facing your fear, you are also able to "hear" better (whether it is refering to hearing another or your own inner feelings about something I dont know).. hence why you could in this second dream hear something on the loudspeaker.

Ask yourself.. who's been being blamed for something maybe unfairly? Your boyfriends ex could be representing yourself too.. have you been blaming yourself for something?

red peppers could be to do with passion or anger
tomatoes.. if red.. same as above.
green limes/ green peppers.. green can be the colour of healing, so I guess are needed after the red ones for the situation to improve. Limes of course are sour.. so something was "sour" in your life one could say

The men in the yellow suits finally caught my boyfriend's ex,

Seems you got the life situation back in control. Makes sense that the other things then stopped as they were representing issues.

From your dream it now seems as if the life situation is now (or about to be) sorted out eg the light and walking hand in hand. (peace for yourself).
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Re: What does this dream mean?

Postby oliverclay » 10 Jun 2013 10:15

LucidLink wrote:I have some simple advice, but do not take it lightly. It is hard for anybody but yourself to truly understand your dream symbolism, but my advice will help.

Just simpily ask yourself: "Why did I give myself that experience?" ;)

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This is the same advice i would like to suggest.

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