Kinda Scary

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Kinda Scary

Postby th3_ohmen » 09 Apr 2013 16:30

Well I'm not sure if it was just a lucid dream or an astral projection but I fell asleep one night a few months ago and I was still dealing with some depression left from my girlfriend leaving me, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not but I was walking around in a really strange place. I saw my self in third person, almost like a movie, and I was in this extremely hostile, snowy, and heavily wooded environment, it was just me. I was walking around and I looked like a mountain climber, with the gear and all, and then my view began to zoom out, like up into space and I was on this really weird planet, definitely not earth at all, the land formations were long and straight and from what I could see I was walking closely to the edge of a cliff that just dropped straight off for miles, something that I wouldn't want to fall off of even in a dream and the names were on top of them like they would be on a map. I cannot remember how they were spelled except for the fact that one started with an "A" but they were very strange, definitely nothing I've ever seen before, and that's all I saw, then I woke up. Any ideas on what something like this could mean or what could have caused this? I know dreams sometimes can prepare you for something you're worried about, possibly being alone since my gf left me? Even though I never feel alone because I hang out with friends everyday possible. I'm looking into lost lands and such but I haven't really found anything relating to what I saw.

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Re: Kinda Scary

Postby LucidLink » 09 Apr 2013 18:31

So was this a regular dream, or where you lucid? Now im gonna divide this dream into two parts, the mountain and planet. I wanna say this is a very important dream for you, as all dreams are important, but this one especially. I also wanna say that its most likely this dream is all symbolism for life. The problem with dreams is, the message is communicated to us through symbols like, being in a very hostile enviroment. Being a mountain climber and the wooded area themselves are powerful symbols too. That was the first half of your dream, and only you yourself can inteperet what the hostile enviroment, and being a mountain climber meant. I could see being a mountain climber means you have many "mountains to climb in your life, which of course are actually problems in life you must overcome. Or maybe being a mountain climber meant thats your dream job in life. It could mean anything, and your the only one who can truly figure it out what it means. The same goes for the planet dream.

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Re: Kinda Scary

Postby Je-Je » 09 Apr 2013 21:03

I already have a break up with a girl(very nice to me). I was a little bit sad :( :? .

And that night i have make 5 nightmarre of her, one of them; ''I was on a mountain with her, when she decided to kill herself, she ran and jumped into the void. I ran to catch her, but it was to late. Then the wind push me into the void, it was soo scary.
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Re: Kinda Scary

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Apr 2013 08:13

It wasnt an astral projection but rather a dream. I say this as its all symbolic for your situation at that time. To add more to what Lucidlink said.

Mountains represent challenges. A big mountain which you will need to climb is a huge challenge. Something you were facing at that point of time with dealing with your breakup and depression.

I was walking closely to the edge of a cliff that just dropped straight off for miles,

That is expressing where you was at that point of time with your depression.
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