Out of Body Experience or Reality?

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Out of Body Experience or Reality?

Postby FOGHoly » 11 Apr 2013 00:37

I need some help trying to decide whether I was close to an out-of-body experience or not. I was practicing the WILD technique one night and set my alarm for about 5 hours after I went to sleep. After turning off the alarm, I went back to sleep and had a normal, fuzzy dream. After this dream, I woke up in my bed, or I think I did. My eyes were barely open and I was unable to move my body very well. My brain totally accepted it to be reality. After shutting my eyes, I had another non-lucid dream, and then woke up the same way. I wasn't able to move and I could barely make out the details of my room. All I could tell was that my window was half open, my red alarm clock was on, and my room was almost pitch black. My brain still accepted this to be myself waking up. I shut my eyes ONCE AGAIN and had a very brief non-lucid dream. After this one, I woke up, with my vision being much more vivid now, and my brain was now telling me that I was dreaming the whole time. From what I experienced throughout the night, I think that I experienced the beginnings of out-of-body experiences during those two times I "woke up" at night. The thing was, I couldn't tell, so I just went back to sleep to my non-lucid dream. Did I just miss out on some pretty awesome OBEs or was I waking up in reality the whole time? Thanks for your answer!
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Re: Out of Body Experience or Reality?

Postby DreamerMan99 » 11 Apr 2013 00:54

Ihad the same thing last week - it was a non lucid dream that I had a false awakening in - Irealized I was dreaming in a dream IN A DREAM. lol.

I think something along those lines happened to you - not an OBE. Good luck!!!! :D
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Re: Out of Body Experience or Reality?

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Apr 2013 07:03

Nothing there to say it was an astral experience and you say "After this one, I woke up, with my vision being much more vivid now, and my brain was now telling me that I was dreaming the whole time."

Sounds like maybe false awakenings (either that or you were waking for real while still half asleep). When one experiences the astral it feels as real as the physical and one doesnt end up feeling like dreaming was happening the whole time. I suggest to do reality checking whenever you wake up.
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Re: Out of Body Experience or Reality?

Postby HAGART » 14 Apr 2013 00:59

I often wake up several times in the middle of the night and then don't realize until after a wake up in the morning that a lot of those were actually false awakenings. They can lead to muscle atonia (sleep paralysis) which can come in many forms. Full blown nightmare to simple vibrations and buzzing in the ears. Or unable to move like you described. They do lead to what people describe as OBE or vivid lucid dreams that start from bed if you simply get up (fight the 'paralysis' and realize you actually can move a little....). But don't feel like it was a waste and you missed out. These don't always lead to a vivid lucid dream and whenever I get this and it fails, I still feel like I got some experience under my belt. So should you!
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