Dream Gazing

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Dream Gazing

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Apr 2013 01:41

I decided this needed its own thread and decided to put this here as it is a kind of dreaming and one does it when lucid at the time (so could be called Lucid dreaming thou it isnt what is refered to when people generally use the term Lucid dreaming).

Dream Gazing is when one allows the subconsciousness to manifest to oneself in an image when awake.. eg a day dream is an example of this... one sees the images inside ones mind, this can happen when one is just going about ones daily life stuff. *Note this isnt creating a set image by imagination where one is thinking of a certain image and hence creating an image by the consciousness mind.. Im refering to entirely subconscious images coming up.. thou this process can be started by the imagination and visualisation and then the dream process being allowed to take place from there.

This is the process that Richard Bach used when writing his book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" .. he got his images and story from this dream gazing process. (according to Denise Lynn)

Ive had on occassions spontanous Dream Gazing experiences with daydreams but this morning (I cant remember actually willing one of these experiences before) after reading that one can make one of these experiences happen, I tried and it did. Very fast (well less then a minute.. maybe only 10-20 seconds) I was seeing a huge redback spider in a web which I was able to study within my head. I caused this to happen just by wanting/willing an image to occur by thinking "I want to see something from my subconciousness" (I had no idea on what I may see or on what type of image I wanted to see, I just allowed my subconsciousness to show me something). This is great as you need no skill at all if you are like me and cant visualise/imagine things... you can just allow your subconsciousness to manifest itself.

Denise Lin talks abouit Dream Gazing in her book, The Hidden Power of Dreams. Here's some instructions on how to dream while awake.
1/ Get very relaxed, stop your normal thoughts
2/ You can start off the process by thinking of a dream at first (so seeing your willed projections at first), I just went straight to seeing my subconciousness by suspending my normal thoughts with my mind on a single thought of I just wanted to see "something" (with no thoughts on what the something was).
3/ Allow your dream to flow

Denise Linn suggests to start with creating very simple one minute dreams and working from there. Write down all your dream contained. A quote from Denise Linn on this "This is especially valuable if you havent been recalling your nightly dreams. You can become familiar with the world of dreams through daydreaming."

That's what I used it for.. I was annoyed as I couldnt remember thou I tried for 10mins the nights dream..so did some dream gazing instead to get some symbolism from my subconsciousness. She suggests "Another advantage of dream gazing is that it can help you deal with a difficult scenario in your daily life. You can create or imagine a dream simply by suggesting, "In regard to the situation or difficulty, I am now going to create a dream." Then allow your mind to wander freely while you create this dream. Noting all the symbols and feelings which come up. This will begin to assist you in resolving your difficult issues."

Does anyone here do dream gazing? either willed or spontanous experiences (where you can observe your daydream). I know some can take this stuff a lot further and even experience their willed experience while at the same time as going about general life stuff (with no need for even a quiet meditation state). (I'd mentioned about that before at this site as I know people who can do this but before I read this yesterday in Denise Lynns book I had no idea what it was called).
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Re: Dream Gazing

Postby DeltaV » 12 Apr 2013 06:57

I think I did this once or twice. Interesting!
Also, after I have a dream (and wake up), the dream scene continues as a train of thought. In fact, I even forget that it was a dream in the first place. Luckily, I now recognize these thoughts and use them to remember the rest of my dream.
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