any advice

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any advice

Postby 1994df » 12 Apr 2013 03:35

so im still trying to get used to sucid dreaming i probably have one a month i try and ask my brother but he is not much help he has been lucid dreaming since he went to iraq and now he says he has one almost every night but anyways they other morning i went to lay back down and i remember i thouht i was dreaming but i could hear myself breathing threw my mouth and figured i was just thinking all of the stuff and just woke up i dont really know if i was asleep and semi lucid or if i was just imagining stuff while i was almost asleep what do you guys think i have been trying my hardest to get on this fourm every night before bed to try and just get lucid thoughts in my head before i fall asleep i have heard that this can help raise your chances of becoming lucid is this true i try and read how its done and just some poeples lucid dreams is there any other things that you did when you first started that helped you i just need some pointers and advice because so far the only way i ever become lucid is i either look at my hand and count my fingers and usually have 6 fingers or so but even if i have 5 fingers i always relise i am dreaming

p.s. sorry for no punctuation i typed this out on my phone

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Re: any advice

Postby tea » 12 Apr 2013 12:44

1994df wrote:[...]

p.s. sorry for no punctuation i typed this out on my phone

i don't understand why that's a reason for no punctuation.
seriously, the more structured and well-defined your posts are, the more people will be motivated to read it.

seems like you have some basic questions. this website is all about how to get started and what to do, have you checked out the non-forum part of it? i mean itself...

anyway, here some very basics:
- what's very important for LDing is to remember your dreams. that's why writing them down as soon as you wake up is vital. which means the very first step is to keep a dream journal. on the other hand.. i guess you know that already.
- yes, it is very helpful to think about lucid dreaming before sleeping. there are a set of things you can think about to increase the chance for lucidity.. like setting dream-intentions (what are you gonna do when you are lucid?), keep telling yourself that the next scene will be a dream (believe it!), and other things.
- have you subscribed to rebecca's free e-course? that's something i recommend to every beginner because it's provides the needed information. click here:

did this help?
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Re: any advice

Postby LucidLink » 12 Apr 2013 15:06

I agree with the above post completely, but here is some more basic advice.
First: realize lucid dreaming is easy, and it's only as easy or hard as you make it. Just being in the mindset that lucid dreaming is easy, makes it easy! And it is easy ;)
Second: Will and Determination. Now that you know it's easy, you have to WANT it! And I mean WANT it bad! And when you know it's easy and you want it bad enough, you are determined you will lucid dream.
Third: SLEEP IN! I can not stress this enough! Research has shown that we are literally more likely to lucid dream the longer we sleep. It's because we have more REM periods the longer we sleep, and then every successive REM period we have, is more likely to have a lucid dream then last REM period.

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Re: any advice

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Apr 2013 03:16

Im confused at exactly what question you are asking as you said you are always aware that you are dreaming and are having a LD once per month. Maybe ask clearer what you are currently seeking to know exactly.

Its its basic how to have more LDs.. there is some good info at this site out of this forum area .. implimenting as many of the ideas there as possible will help. eg keep a dream journal.
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