Sex with Ex dreams...

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Sex with Ex dreams...

Postby Kris_10 » 13 Apr 2013 05:47

Okay. I'm a little bit embarrassed to even post this but this dream has been bugging me since I had it.
I'm going to give you guys the details of my current relationship and then the relationship I had with my ex. I'm trying to make this as detailed as possible without being explicit.
Current boyfriend and I met 6 years ago and started off as friends with benefits when I was 16 and he was 20, we were friends with benefits up until I turned 20 when he finally decided he wanted to be with me and I am 21 now.He took my virginity. He had his heart broke and was extremely scared to be in a relationship with anyone and wanted to try to have sex with every girl he saw, but I was the only girl he had actually had sex with since we started doing our thing... He had chances to have sex with other girls... but he never took them.. Our current situation is that he and I are talking about marriage and trying to find our first house together and even talking about babies in the future.. So its alot to take in..

Ex and I were best friends since I was in literally Middle school.. 6th grade.. We were both afraid that a relationship would ruin our friendship and did not get together until we were 14 and lasted until I was 16. He was my first love.. I NEVER had sex with him.. We broke up for many different reasons based off our immaturity. He cheated on me 4 different times and was into drugs and such while I was going through alot at home and was self harming myself. We made a promise before we broke up that we would always be friends.. After we broke up, I tried to hurt myself. and ultimately we stopped talking for a while. He is also 21 and has a daughter and is single. Our current relationship is that we started talking again back in November and havent stopped talking since. We have a good friendship again... But he did admit to me a few days ago he still loved me after we got into a car accident and he pulled me out of the car. (current bf does not mind me hanging out with the ex cause he trusts us)

The dream was about 2 weeks ago: I dreamt that my current boyfriend and I had a fight about something and I ran to my ex for comfort, and my ex comforted me and then we decided to take a walk down the road and we stopped at this abandoned hotel/motel and we were tired of walking so we went inside and talked and then ended up making out and one thing led to another and well.. i'm not going to give the details about that part. but after the sex was over.. i woke up.. really really confused.

And now after that dream I'm almost having daydreams about him or fantasizing about him and I know its wrong... but I dont know what to do about it, because I TRULY love my current bf and I really want to spend my life with him... And I do still love my ex but as a friend.. at least I think... What does the dream mean and why do I keep fantasizing about it? Please help.

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Re: Sex with Ex dreams...

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Apr 2013 14:31

Sounds to me you still have some interest in your first love but are in denial hence also the daydreams and that too. Probably would be best to not remain friends with first love if you want to maintain a good relationship with your current boyfriend (cause as much as you are telling yourself you are over him, you arent properly your thoughts and dreams are evidence of this).. or sooner or later something is quite likely to happen with you and your first love betraying the trust of your current partner or leaving yourself in guilt for it.

One of my exs met his first love after many years and he really really believed nothing would happen between the two of them (he was far more sure of that then what you sound in your post here).. I saw what was coming way before he did warning him but he didnt listen .. he ended up falling in love with her again and then was in despair cause he was in love with both of us to the point he couldnt even choose who to be with when I demanded he make that choice. After a week of him being upset and not being able to make a decision, I ended up making the choice for him and broke off the relationship.
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