Long Night

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Long Night

Postby vo1dwalk3r » 13 Apr 2013 17:07

Well, I'm 14 and I found out about lucid dreaming about a month ago. I had been not really trying that hard until a few days ago, and I still haven't had one. But my dream recall has shot through the roof! :D I probably might have had better details here though, if I hadn't been so tired when I woke up in the middle of the night. But, anyways!

Saturday 13 April 2013

I remember we were at this place that looked like a theater, and we were leaving. Mom had other plans though and got into a long conversation with someone else. Later we left and went to this familiar park place. I can't remember much of what we did there, but I remember going down a slide.

Next I remember that there was a play or something on my old school's stage. Suddenly something scary happened, and I ran behind the curtain, and out in the hallway. There was already someone out there too, and he were dancing like a maniac.

Later there was something about aliens that had come to Earth, but turned against Earth and fought them. I watched as an alien ship landed at this building, and the aliens filing out. I remember them being harshly treated by the humans and I felt sorry for them, but knew they would eventually start a war.

Suddenly I was one of the aliens, and I was running across the city, bigger that all the buildings. I came to this extremely wide road where there was an enormous traffic jam. I walked over it, careful not to step on cars. I got to the second section of the street, but then the traffic jam started moving. For some reason I was angry, and I trampled some cars, hoping to jam the traffic up more.

I came to this place that looked like a dark empty mall store, and asked a nearby garbage man (strangely he was my height) if this was the end of the world. He said yes, and also said that it was the end of the region also, probably hinting at SimCity 5. I suddenly started crying, and carrying the garbage can walked back across the city, not caring if I was stepping on any cars.

I soon came to the car where all of my family was. I transformed into myself and got in, slightly embarrassed that there might be tears on my face. I sat down and Mom held up a plastic container, and I though cheese was inside it. However, mom handed me a peice of chicken that was identical to the kind she made with the yellow stuff on it. It tasted OK. (sorry mom!)

Later I was running through a dark city (as a human this time), being chased. I don't remember much, but I was scared, and felt trapped. Then this guy decided to help me. The person chasing me left, and the one helping me told me to get in the car, and I did, and he locked the doors. I felt safer in there. I saw a sad looking woman in a red jacket standing a few feet away from my car, holding a bag and looking into space. Suddenly people started to crowd around the car because I was unknowingly shaking it. Just to scare them more, I rocked the car really hard, but then notified them that I was in the car.

Next, my sister and I were playing out in the front yard in the snow. It was sunny out, but then my sister wanted to go inside and left. It started raining and the snow started to melt, but it was still extremely sunny. I tried to collect all the snow and get it into a glob, but the glob turned green. I grabbed some of the Whitmer's (my neighbors) fake grass and connected it to my glob to create a giant glob with two separate colors. It was extremely fun to play with. But then the Whitmers got home and I was scared they'd notice what I'd taken. So I gave back the fake grass, except it was suddenly panels of wood. Mr. Whitmer didn't question me, but I felt that I had give and explanation, so I told him I was trying to collect all the melting snow. I felt it was a perfectly understandable excuse for taking fake grass that turned into hardwood floor. ★

Sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes, I was really tired while typing. I hope to have my first lucid dream soon! ;)

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