A huge alien spaceship

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A huge alien spaceship

Postby Je-Je » 14 Apr 2013 09:25

The dream is not complete, cuz i have cut a lot of boring part, i have just kept the essential of the dream, so that you dont get bored.

(It was Afternoon) Then I landed in my house. I went back and I saw Stephan and his father, then I turned around to avoid them to see me, but I think Stephen saw me. I went in front of my house, and I saw Jeremy, I told him, ''I saw Stephan and his father at the back'' and I thought I should do a reality check but I didn’t did. I went to the gate-size (at that time it was night), I look in the sky and saw a plane and behind it, there was a huge alien spaceship shaped cube. My brother was filming the ship with the camera. I have shouted HOLY FUCK. Then I came back into the kitchen, I told my brother to pass me the camera so I can see the video. In the video, we could see the ship, we even zoom in on the windows to see if there were aliens in it, but the windows were too dark color purple to see inside. I even said to myself, no one have never filmed a UFO so close like that, I will put it on YouTube.

I never saw a big thing like that in my hold life, it was extraordinary. Thanks that I didn’t became lucid in that dream. And also a big thank to my subconscious.
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Re: A huge alien spaceship

Postby mia » 17 Apr 2013 23:50

Very scary Je-Je!
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