Trying to leave a scene, but cannot

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Trying to leave a scene, but cannot

Postby Highlander » 14 Apr 2013 13:29

Sometimes it seems that my subconscious does not want me to do certain things. It seems that the dream is trying to annoy me.
Has this happened to you? You want to leave from where you are and you can not, because you end up at the same place or at several places like a labyrinth without end?
For example, on today's dream: i am in a store and i want to leave. I open a door to go to the street. But I'm not on the street. I'm in a small cubicle, kinda like like a balcony but covered by a roof with a gap that shows the sunlight. I decide to jump to the ceiling and break it... but there is another gap in the roof. I break this too. I do it about 8 times. I'm frustrated. Why the hell can't I get out? I try again and see what looks like the cloudly sky and falling rain. Glad to think that is the street, i try to leave the balcony and notice it is, after all, a huge grey cathedral ceiling and a fountain that sprinkles water drops. Very frustrated, i awake.
Even being in a lucid dream and concentrating to leave, the dream did not wanted me to.

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Re: Trying to leave a scene, but cannot

Postby oliverclay » 25 Jun 2013 11:06

This scene stuck in your brain very hardly so it will take some time to forget it.

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Re: Trying to leave a scene, but cannot

Postby Teraku » 03 Jul 2013 21:21

The subconscious always wins. If you're not closely imagining and visualizing the scene you'd like to go to (Which is always in non-lucid dreams), you will end up wherever your subconscious wants.

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