Is Astral Projection a Spiritual Practice?

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Is Astral Projection a Spiritual Practice?

Postby Ryan » 15 Apr 2013 04:08

The simple answer to this question is no, Astral Projection is not a spiritual practice in itself. I have no doubt that some people will be surprised to hear that and others will be nodding in agreement. Please allow me to explain.

This is, in fact, the wrong question. The question should be, “CAN Astral Projection be a spiritual practice?”. The answer to that is a resounding YES. Of course it can be, but you need to make the conscious choice to make it so.

It starts with asking yourself why do you want to learn Astral Projection, or if the case is that you already know how, then simply ask why do you Project? It begins with the Intent behind the “why”. If all you’re looking for is the thrill of something new, or perhaps you want to just fly around, or maybe you’re wanting to spy on people… well, the Intent associated with these actions isn’t of Love. Some of it is self-serving. Some of it is just outright negative. I’m not saying don’t spy, don’t fly and don’t find a thrill… I’m just saying that if you’re looking to grow spiritually, then those things should probably be kept in balance with your other activities. I’m a big fan of flying… and a lot of the time I get caught up in doing just that. So I understand that sometimes it’s not easy to keep your mind on track.

Now remember that you can grow spiritually much faster simply by interacting with others in this physical reality. Don’t hide from other people, they’re your path to spiritual growth! That is the entire reason why you chose to be here in the first place! To fast track yourself towards becoming a being of Love. If you can stick to that path in the current social atmosphere of greed that surrounds us on a daily basis, then I think you’re doing pretty good. The nice thing about becoming Love here physically is that it translates over into your Projections. You will find that your Projections take on a much more positive atmosphere to them and you will meet with more positive entities, because you’ve now shifted your Intent towards a more positive position, hence you will begin to experience such directly. This concept also applies to our physical lives. The more you change within to become closer to Love, the more positive effects you’ll see happen in your life.

You can definitely also learn to become a more Loving being through Astral Projection. This is where Astral Projection as a spiritual tool comes into play. Just as you grow spiritually here in the physical, through your interactions with other Consciousnesses, the same holds true while you’re projecting as well. Be kind to all those you meet, because you never know if an entity you’re interacting with is a creation of your consciousness or a truly separate being from you. So just be nice to everyone.

That lesson also holds true here in this physical reality, except you know that everyone is separate (well, that’s the illusion anyway) from you. You don’t know the life stories of other people you meet here physically, so treat everyone with respect. This is the first lesson, in my opinion, of becoming Love. Respecting everyone. It has just as many implications physically as it does during our Projections.

So, as you can see, Astral Projection is only a Spiritual Practice if you choose to make it such. Likewise, even your physical life requires a choice to be made as to whether it’s a spiritual life or not.
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Re: Is Astral Projection a Spiritual Practice?

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Apr 2013 10:11

I too will say that astral projection isnt a spiritual practice as such thou could be used to be if one choose to use it for good eg healing or whatever.

In many yogi schools aiming for special abilities is strongly discouraged (these thou can just happen naturally as one spiriitually develops and frequency shifts). Why are these in many spiritual skills discouraged? Cause special abilities can make a spiritual path harder to follow as special skills can often make people go into ego or see themselves better then others rather then everything being one. They can also be a distraction to people on their spiritual paths.

The more gifted you are in the special skills department... the more responsibility you have to be doing the right thing (and more negative karma if doing the wrong thing). Its like the difference between a child doing something bad and an adult.. . The more advanced you are.. the more responsible you need to be or its all going to come back and hit you in some way..


I have a difference of opinion thou in some of the other things said in the original post :) . Sometimes those on a spiritual path may have even stronger challenges to face then those not on one. This can happen cause as you raise vibration by being love, anything of lower density in your past which isnt clear.. comes up for clearing (which then allows your energy to further increase in vibration). This can create all kinds of negative experiences someone then can find themselves going throu (the challenge lays in seeing them not as negative but rather just happening due to things clearing). For some.. being on a spiritual path can cause quite a dramatic time (everything being speeded up.. life lessons hitting faster and faster etc ..why cause your higher soul knows you can handle it but that dont make it easy thou at all). Kundalini raising causes karma to try to sort out faster.

Some on a spiritual path and doing well on their path... can be leading very challenging lives. Take the Dali Lama for instance.. kicked out of his homeland with many of his people killed. Being even highly spiritual doesnt protect one from life challenges and you can not at all judge how spiritual or developed someone is by how many issues they have in their life.

If you are on a spiritual path and want to develop a special gift.. you may want to ask yourself why? Do you want to learn for a self serving thing or are you wanting to learn so you can be of aid to others.
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