Teleporting back in time

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Teleporting back in time

Postby Highlander » 15 Apr 2013 14:45

Have you ever experimented with time (past, present, future) within a dream? I have done this a few times to avoid certain events or test some options.
But it just have happened only in non-lucid dreams and going back a few minutes in the past. When I know something will go wrong, i concentrate on going back in time a few seconds or minutes and do the path again. Much like in The Butterfly Effect movie.
For example, in the dream today, i was passing a street. When i turned the corner, there were 3 bloodthirsty black wolves. They saw me and ran to attack me. I then focused on going back in time a few minutes. And there i was, at the beginning of the street again. So I decided to go the other way. Then i decided to go back there and face the wolves, but that's another story.
In other dreams, in fights where I was losing (almost dying), i went back in time again and again, as needed to emerge victorious.
Now, I'd like to do that but in lucid dreams. The possibilities we may have to test various situations is an interesting idea.
Have you done this? And it was in LD ou non LD? How was it?

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Re: Teleporting back in time

Postby LucidLink » 15 Apr 2013 15:17

I have never tried it, but it is on my "soon to do list". It's never happened in regular dreams to me, but when I do attempt this in a LD, I will either fly high into the sky. And when I fly back down I will picture the time I wanna be in, such as he dinosaur age even. Either that, or I will find a time machine and use that :)

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Re: Teleporting back in time

Postby Guitar48300 » 17 Apr 2013 20:23

I never went back in time on purpose, but I did have a dream that lightning stuck out in the distance and all of a sudden I went to 1996. I became lucid them because I knew there's no way that could've happened in reality. I then went back to my house to see how 1996 it was and everything seemed legit.
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