Remembering reality checks

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Remembering reality checks

Postby Kaylium » 15 Apr 2013 19:38

How would you go about remembering to do 10-20 reality checks every day? I don't have a watch to set an alarm to. My phone has an alarm, but if it goes off in school I get in trouble. I've already drawn an "A" (for "awake") on my palm so when I see it I do a reality check, but I seldom even glance at my palm during the day. Thanks :D

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Re: Remembering reality checks

Postby LucidLink » 15 Apr 2013 19:57

They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. The best you can do is to do one as often as you remember, and as the days go on you should remember to do them more and more.

But make sure you aren't just doing a quick reality check.
Because even In dreams, you may mindlessly do a reality check, have it not work, and then you'll say I'm not dreaming, even though you are. What you really have to do when doing a reality check, is SERIOUSLY consider if your dreaming or not. Use all 5 senses to check this. Do a couple reality checks. Truly 100 percent make sure you are not dreaming. Put alot of thought into it. This should also make it easier to remember to do your reality checks.

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Re: Remembering reality checks

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Apr 2013 22:07

If you are at school you could do a reality check at the start or end of every lesson you have.

I suggest to do them at the start as at some point this may tally to something you are dreaming and its more likely to dream you are starting a lesson then ending a lesson.
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Re: Remembering reality checks

Postby HAGART » 16 Apr 2013 00:30

If you know your dreams, then you know when you should have done reality checks in them. There are times I have been in dreams and knew something was odd, but just didn't remember to reality check it and figure out it was a dream and become lucid. I carried on with the bizarre dream as if it was normal.

I do reality checks, when awake, whenever something bizarre happens, or when I am around people that tend to be in my dreams a lot. I don't think it should be time-based, but event-based. Not every hour on the hour, but whenever something occurs that reminds you of a common reoccurring dream or dream sign you recognize. That is the best time to validate it. 9 out of 10 times you'll be awake, but every now and then you get that 1 and it is worth it.

It also never hurts to over-reality check when it comes to lucid dreaming. You may get strange looks from people when awake. It may hurt your social life, but not your lucid dream endeavor :lol:. (JK)

But I would say it has more impact when you do it after something reminds you of your dreams.
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Re: Remembering reality checks

Postby Je-Je » 16 Apr 2013 07:47

I can give you some tip; On the first page or on the cover of all your books write do a RC, so that everytime you will open your book or take your book, you will think of doing a RC.
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