My favorite dream, the black hole sword

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My favorite dream, the black hole sword

Postby Hypnosnail » 16 Apr 2013 02:34

This dream is what I like to call a "movie dream." It switches between first and third person perspective. And like pretty much all my dreams now, I was aware I was dreaming, but was going with the flow. For some reason, in my dreams I have an understanding of how the world works that even the other dream characters don't understand.

FYI: this happened a few years before T2 came out, so no, that movie didn't inspire the string lady.

It starts out with me cloaked and leaning against a large abstract statue. There's these large cockroach looking aliens gathered around, ignoring me. The leader tells them that someone stole their sword, a very powerful artifact. The aliens all get riled up over this and take off looking for the thief.

As they pass me, I sit there quietly with the sword hidden under my cloak.

When I'm alone, I take the sword out and decide to try it's powers. I heard it moves light lightening, and nothing can stop it.

I swing it around, but it moves slowly, like swinging a stick through water. I could feel the energy in the sword, but something was dragging it.

So I go to the statue, where I stole the sword. I place it back into the slot I took it from and the statue changes shape. A slopped section above the slot flattens and a glass cylinder appears above the sword.

I pull the cylinder out and see that attached to the sword is an "energy sphere." It looked like a miniature black whole sucking in ambient energy and releasing it into the sword. I realized that the sphere must have been connected to the sword for so long, that they reached an equilibrium and were dragging against each other.

I pulled the sphere out and felt the surge of energy flowing through my body. It was the strongest energy sphere I ever felt. I put the sphere into my left pocket.

I pulled the sword back out and it felt like it was made of air. I took a single swing, and instantly it was pulled through the swing with a crack from a sonic boom.

Then I was in third person.

On a different planet, there was a lady dressed in a thick, padded red suit. She was walking into what looked like a concrete bunker built into the side of a hill. She was walking through a large open doorway that looked like it was made for large vehicles to drive into. She had a wooden box in her hands, about 18 inches long, and 6 inches deep and tall.

Inside the bunker, the lady placed the box on a small table and pulled out of it a black spindle with an off white thread spun around it. She carried the spindle to the middle of the large room.

When she reached the middle of the room, the spindle lifted from her hand and started spinning quickly. The thread spun away from the spindle and whipped all around in a huge area. The spindle itself fell to the ground, but the thread continued to whip around.

The lady walked into the mass of thread as it whipped around her. When she reached the center, a copy of her, made of thread, was walking out the opposite direction. When she reached the far end, her body went limp, and the thread wrapped around her body and arms, holding her off the ground.

The mimic, controlled by the lady, walked out of the bunker and down a wooded path.

A man entered the bunker and talked to the lady suspended there.

He told her, "We found out where he is, take door 342."

She nodded.

The mimic walked to the end of a path where an open doorway stood in the middle of a clearing. Through the doorway, I could see the room I was in.

She walked through the doorway, and saw me.

I switched to first person perspective.

I saw her coming towards me, but I had my sword. I swung the sword right, then left across her chest. The tip cut through the threads and knocked her back, but the threads re-wove themselves back together and she came at me again.

I got closer this time and took a downward swing, cutting her right arm off and knocking her away to my right.

I turned and ran. When I put the sword next to my left pocket with the energy sphere, it would hover there, an inch from it, just above the hilt.

Back in third person, the lady got back up and went over to her arm. The threads from her shoulder unwove as did the threads at the cut part of the arm. They wove back together making a wood like creaking sound as they tightened.

The lady saw me run off and called a couple of the insect aliens to her, a small mean looking one, and a very large one with a giant hammer.

She told the smaller one to go after me. He refused and she swung at him, smashing him easily.

She told the large one to go after me, and he quickly obeyed.

Back in first person, I was running to the end of the building. There was a long line leading outside. It was slow moving, so I entered a room to the right where all the walls were mirrored. There was a little passageway on the right that just came back into the room, and a stair that traveled around the wall to stop at the top with no door.

I saw the alien approaching, so I went up the stairs to the blank wall. I closed my eyes, and walked into the wall. I could "see" reflections of my self walking around the room. When I opened my eyes, the reflections where still walking.

The alien came in and started swinging at the reflections. He broke many mirrors in the process. I walked calmly back down the stairs, hidden by my own reflections. When I was almost to the alien, I took a left and entered into the passageway. I circled around behind him and left without him noticing.

By now, the line of people was gone. I went outside and saw the building was high up in the air, high enough that the stars shone even though it was day. The people were all on a shuttle headed down to ground level.

On the side of the building, there were groves in the concrete walls. I placed a hand on it and felt pulses of energy flowing through the groves. I closed my eyes and the pulses pulled me up. When I thought I was above the roof of the room I was in before, I opened my eyes and I fell onto the gravel roof.

By this time the shuttle had traveled quite far. I grabbed the sword with my right hand, and put my left into my pocket, pulling out the energy sphere. The energy from it charged me up. I pushed hard against the wall with my feet and ran as fast as I could. I jumped about 300 feet down onto the roof of the shuttle. I looked back and saw the mimic and the remaining aliens through the windows of the building.

As I looked around, there were many of these small rectangular buildings sitting on tall black poles. Each one had a door that lead to a different planet. The higher up ones, like the one I just came from, connected to planets with lighter atmospheres. They were positioned so the pressure was equal on both sides of the door so there wouldn't be any loss of air between the planets.

I woke up as the shuttle moved swiftly down to the surface.
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Re: My favorite dream, the black hole sword

Postby orihara » 06 Jun 2014 09:50

Wow you got some a one of a heck dream out there but it was really. Though it would be if you use the sword and fight someone that wants to destroy the world.

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Re: My favorite dream, the black hole sword

Postby torakrubik » 07 Jun 2014 00:42

An exciting dream, thanks for sharing.
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