The unborn babies are stolen? Need intepertation.

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The unborn babies are stolen? Need intepertation.

Postby LucidLink » 16 Apr 2013 16:05

Hi everybody, so I had this dream over a month ago, but it was still recently. When I had it, I was completely lost for words. I had no idea what it meant, and normally I understand my dreams pretty well. What's more, was the dream was very emotional for me. I usually tell my two best friends all my dreams and they talk about theirs, but when we did that I had to leave this dream out. It was too strange. Too...I don't even know the word.

I am going to share it with this community, in serious hope someone can help me understand the meaning. I am a man also, and now I will give you my exact journal entry from right after it happened, and the details I didn't write down I still remember today because the dream was so vivid.

This girl had 3 baby boys inside her and they got them..that's all I remember. This was a very strange dream and all I truly remember is talking to this girl who was sitting in a corner almost hiding. She told me "they got them all. I used to still feel a connection to one but now even he's gone. I really hate them...they got.." And that's all I remember well.

Now this dream was so vivid and emotional that I remember it still today. It was almost like it was in the past. The past in a war zone! I seem remember seeing rubble and smoke maybe? Either way, it was a desolate scene in the past. I was walking through the scene, when I saw this woman huddled up in a corner. She was shaking and very upset. She looked she had been through alot as well, almost as if she had been trying for a long time not to let "them" get "her" "babies". Apparently they got two of them as time went on, and they had just gotten her last when I found her. The weird thing was, I got the strong impression they where unborn babies. I also felt very connected to the girl, and it VERY deeply troubled me that "they" had stole her babies.

I woke up very upset, and also confused because it made no sense why I was upset. None of the dream made sense, which is weird because I usually understand my dreams pretty well.

This dream was completely non-lucid. Help!

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Re: The unborn babies are stolen? Need intepertation.

Postby taniaaust1 » 23 Apr 2013 02:23

She may of been representing you.. your mind seeing it wanted to use a "unborn baby" symbol may of hence created a female character as it would be far stranger for a male to have these.

The unborn babies could of been representing things you were looking forward to and had planned to do or believed were going to be happening (coming into affect), these being cancelled on you or due to another you not being able to do them. So hence being taken away.

As yourself if there had been anything you had been wanting to do or create in your life, in which due to reasons not to do with yourself, ended up not being able to occur as you wished.
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