And there it goes..

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And there it goes..

Postby Ninga_Unicorn » 17 Apr 2013 20:08

Hello! So, for some reason, lately I've been having Lucid Dreams very often(Not that i'm complaining, but I usually got 1 a week!). And I go and do my routines like telling myself i'm dreaming, and running everywhere touching things and comparing them to things in real life. Then, AS SOON as I am getting ready to do something lucid-ee in my dream, I wake up! And I never run around and scream "I'M DREAMING!!!" to anything, and try to always make sure I don't over excite myself in the dream world or in my head. So, calling on all the people who've gone through this, how did you get rid of this, and how long did it take? And on the experts, what does this mean, and is there an easy way to fix this? And to all the plain old people like me :) and general public, feel free to do whatever! Comment what you think could fix this, what it means, or just comment random stuff like "RAINBOW SPRINKLES!!" Thank you to everyone!! :D
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Re: Hey!

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 Apr 2013 13:21

Maybe you just need to do more stabilization first?

or what is likely going on is that you are thinking hard at "what do I want to do now?". I find when Im having trouble deciding on what I want to do in my LD, I can wake up at that point. So I strongly suggest to have in mind something to do in your LD before you find yourself in one...know what you want to do before hand.. so you arent standing there thinking but doing nothing while thinking hence the issue is then you are not focused and interacting with your surroundings while doing the thinking and hence then loosing the dream. You need to keep your focus on your dream surroundings strong.

The "what's in my dream pocket?" LD goal is a good one Ive found for also dream stabilization.. as its easy to try to do.
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Re: Hey!

Postby LucidLink » 18 Apr 2013 14:53

I agree with the post above me. I lucid dream every night, and my lucid dreams are always short. My longest ones are only minutes. I think me and you are in the same boat :) but it is just a matter of stabilizing the dream, and also staying calm and goal oriented as the above post said.

Because I lucid dream every night, I never set goals. I just wait for the lucid dreams and go from there, sometimes I get a good idea right away naturally, (something I've wondered about in waking life, and told myself I would try at some point.) , or sometimes Ill end up doing nothing really and waking up very soon. Or the third, I end up seducing the first girl I find. But there are far better ways to spend a lucid dream then the third one, but it's so natural it is usually what comes to my mind when no goal does.

Which is why in the end, it is just better to set your goals in waking life before hand like the above post said haha

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