Tiring Lucid dreams

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Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby therva » 19 Apr 2013 17:48

I have had Lucid dreams as long as I remember. But I have not known the explanation until today in 45 years of age, when I started to look for the explanations due to tireness I have been feeling for some months.

It was asked on these website to share experiences about tiring Lucid dreams.

I have had Lucid dreams mainly on mornings when I have been sleeping longer than usual and I have not been forced to stand up. It has been very enjoyable to continue my dreams again and again. Between dreams I have been shortly awake, when I have been able to pick up some ideas to follow in my dreams. I have been able to do this for many hours and sleep alltogether up to 12 hours, because dreaming has been so nice. After these occasions I have been more tired than usually after night.

I think Lucid dreams are not the main reason for my recent tireness, but it was nice to find an explanation for my personal charasteristics of dreaming which has not been familiar to anyone I have bee discussing.

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Re: Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby Peter » 19 Apr 2013 21:52

you could be oversleeping and that can cause some tiredness, I get by on a few hours a night and if I have a long sleep and for me that would be around 6 -7 hours I can feel worse. Its the quality of sleep that matters and so dont sweat to much just start to listen to you body and how you feel.
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Re: Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby dreamworld777 » 19 Apr 2013 23:07

I agree with what Peter said above.I find that the longer I sleep,the less energy I have once I am awake.But if I sleep for a short time,I feel much more rested and it's easier to get up.The longer I sleep the longer I want to sleep...and I'll hit the snooze button a million times..... :lol:

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Re: Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby therva » 20 Apr 2013 10:17

Thank You, Peter, for a helpful tip.

I have not used to wake spontamously after 7-8 hours sleep. If I have not been forced to get up, I have continued to sleep and dream for couple of hours. It has been very pleasant but I have used to be a bit tired. Usually when I have to get up after 7-8 hours sleep I am not alert nor tired, but I would like to sleep a bit longer. I am most alert when I woke accidentally after 5-6 hours sleep, but I still feel I am lacking some more sleep - maybe my dreams.

Maybe, I am a bit addicted to my Lucid dreaming. I start to find a right balance with dreaming and oversleep restriction.

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Re: Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby Everiste » 28 Apr 2013 16:29


This is a very interesting observation. For myself, I require very little sleep (after 4 to 5 hours of quality sleep I feel fine and alert when I wake). In point of fact I can set the alarm to wake in say five hours and will automatically wake just before (ten minutes or so) the alarm sounds. I also find that if I sleep too long I don't feel as rested. Like you I do enjoy my lucid dreams, and particularly at the weekend, when I have more time to sleep, try to fit-in more lucid dreams: when I am in the zone I can have mulitiple lucid dreams. It is Interesting that on occasions such as these I do not feel tired on waking. Clearly lucid dreaming, during prolonged sleep, does not have the same 'energy sapping effect'.

It would be of statistical interest to learn if us lucid dreamers have the same minimal sleep requirement (i.e 4 to 5 hours).

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Re: Tiring Lucid dreams

Postby mia » 28 Apr 2013 17:40

Over sleeping can definitely make you feel tired and 'groggy' all day.
I like a lot of sleep ( I feel best on 8 hours), and I've been a lucid dreamer my whole life too, so I don't fit the 'needs less sleep' requirement.
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