My recent progress

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My recent progress

Postby DreamyDazzler » 20 Apr 2013 01:22

Hello my first post. I've been half heartedly attempting lucidity recently and i have in the past had it happen without much effort so i guess i'm already open to this kind of stuff. I just wanted to share my experiences and possibly get a little bit of advice in the process.

First of all my only techinque has been to say in my head a few times before sleep " am i dreaming? this is a dream isn't it.. this isn't reality etc" and it has worked a few times. I also seem to get lucid more often if i wake up then lye in bed for a while trying to drop off again and again. One big main sleep followed by a few little sleeps ( the little sleeps is where i get a degree of lucidity)

Two nights ago my lucidity began because of a memory. the previous day i went to a shop, bought two bags of shopping and walked around the back of the store in slight rain. then that night i dreamed that exact situation again, me with the bags, the rain, same route, slight rain but for some reason i knew something wasn't quite right and i began to question my reality, i actually remember saying " am i dreaming?" and i replied to myself yes! The problem is as soon as i realised i became excited and tried to fly but what happened was i sort of floated down face first towards the floor so i was level with it and the buildings around me started to distort and fade away and i felt a strong rushing woosh sensation which was intense enough to wake me and ended the dream.

When i became fully conscious my mind played over the event and i just lay in bed trying to sleep again.

Then i was sat on my bedroom floor looking into the mirror as if it was normal and i kind of leaned to my side so i couldn't see the mirror anymore and at that point i said " hang on a mintue" as if i knew something wasn't right about it and i sat back up looking into the mirror and immediately realised it was a dream because i was wearing a white hooded top in my reflection and i don't have a top like that, also i couldn't quite focus fully on my seemed to shift and shimmer slightly. The problem is within a short sapce of the realisation the world begins to destruct and fade before i can have any fun. i always seem to get the same ending.. the world twists and blurs into darkness and i have this strange loud head rushing woosh that intensifies to the point that i have no choice but to wake . i find myself fighting against that weird noise to stay asleep but it gets stronger and more intense and the dream ends.

I know i can go lucid most times i want to ( and sometimes when i'm not trying) but the excitement and that damn rushing woosh/ distortion wakes me up in what seems like seconds of lucidty realisation. In the past i have tried spinning and just staying calm looking around the dream slowly but the result is still the same.. throbbing wooshing distorted surroundings too intense then awake. I've read stories of people flying to the moon on dragons and very vivid descriptions of a marvellous world which seem far fetched.. the length of time they would need to achieve those dreams is way way way more than the few seconds i manae before that awful rushing head feeling forces me awake.

anyway just wanted to share my experience and hope it wasn't too boring and some of you can identify with my frustrations and possibly have some tips to gain better control and length. thanks for reading :)

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Re: My recent progress

Postby TimeTravelerCat » 01 May 2013 04:10

You have very good progress! That is really good...You told your self that you would dream, and it worked. Bravo! Waking up a few times does indeed help. Try not to get too excited. Though i'd suggest somethings very simple to start of with:

1. Reality Checks; Example: Question reality regularly with extreme AWARENESS, allow two fingers to pass through your hand, and if it doesn't pass through, there is a good chance that you are not dreaming.

2. Dream Journal: Use a dream journal!

3. You have most of your dreams during the end of your sleep (around 1-5 dreams): Time your alarm to go off after you've had 4.5 hr. of sleep, then, from then on, let your alarm go off every 90 min. You should have a dream each time you wake up. If not, you probably didn't have a dream. Just go back to sleep and keep telling yourself that you will dream.

I suggest lucid dreaming could probably go to youtube.

If you already know this stuff (your already a smart person), I apologize. I hope you think this reply was beneficial.

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Re: My recent progress

Postby taniaaust1 » 01 May 2013 07:18

Work on trying to get straight back into a LD once you wake up. With practice you may find you can. Its too quite possible to pull yourself back into the LD even when its fading out on you. Many of us do pull ourselves back in at that point (not easy but I do do it sometimes, you need to try to believe you can do this and try it).

What you are seeking is stabilization techniques. It sounds as if you need to start doing them as soon as you have awareness you are dreaming. There are tons of different things you can try to help stabilize yourself in the dream when you become aware. eg Try to get hold of something in the dream and use it to keep yourself there.

Also other things can help too.. eg have an easy LD challenge in mind.

That whoosing noise and wind thou may be more of an issue. Many people hear that (including myself) when they are going out of body. You may be hearing it due to being in between states of being (going back to body). I dont know how you could get rid of it if it is an OBE noise thing. Maybe you could use it to imagine there is a train coming or something and imagine you are standing on the train platform.. maybe give it a form to go with it so maybe its not so unsettling?
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