The Dogs Party

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The Dogs Party

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Apr 2013 16:29

I rarely get very strange dreams but this one of mine from February was a strange one. I loved this dream due to the end part of it with the dogs party.

I consider getting one of the very big fish which looks like this for my pond but when I ask if they will be able to breed in the pond I have, the shop person tells me that they wont be able to as they need to be in something much larger. So Im now going to have to buy smaller fish then these.

The dogs are being fed and Im surprised to see just how much they are feeding the larger dogs. They have very big dog bowls and are fed a range of things including like a whole block of fritz!! (which was only about a quarter of what they got).

I realise from that that my daughter isnt feeding her dog enough and when I then get him checked, yes he is underweight. My daughter previously had a huge dog which she got rid of as he was just eatting too much, too big! and this dog was next size down but it turns out he needs just as much food as the previous dog she had.

A party is set up for the dogs. The larger dogs are tied down in individual chairs at a table. This is so they dont do anything to the smaller dogs. Then a heap of different things are set up so things are going all over the room to excite the dogs eg feathers are being blown around, food items everywhere which they can just grap out of the air etc etc. The dogs are so into all this and having such fun that they dont even pay attention to the fact they are tied up.

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Re: The Dogs Party

Postby jazzy_turnip » 11 May 2013 23:50

Haha. I also had a dream about a dog party. But I don't know what it means, sorry. Perhaps dogs will take over the world and those who dreamed of dog parties must stop them XD. I'm joking btw.

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Re: The Dogs Party

Postby oliverclay » 27 Jun 2013 12:12

This dream is interesting and amazing, it seems like you really have fun there.

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Re: The Dogs Party

Postby DreamerMan99 » 28 Jun 2013 04:09

Awesome dream! No idea what it means though... Lol!

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