OBE or Sleep Paralysis?

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OBE or Sleep Paralysis?

Postby Inner Effect » 27 Apr 2013 16:08

I had my first one of these experiences many years ago and they have reoccurred many times since, but are less frequent these days. Around the early hours of the morning I wake up in a half asleep state and experienced paralysis of my body, but also I start to levitating off my bed in my bedroom and start floating slowly across the room usually into the top corner where the wall meets the ceiling. I also feel like a presence has control over me as I'm not in control of this levitation, after having the same experience a number of times over the next few years I even thought I could be a victim of alien abductions! After researching sleep paralysis I thought it must be that but the levitation and floating also sounds like an OBE, any thoughts on this?
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Re: OBE or Sleep Paralysis?

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Apr 2013 01:44

Sounds like OBE. You CAN control this when its occurring, the only block probably is yourself thinking and believing you cant.

I personally believe many alien abductions do occur in this state but it doesnt sound to me as if that is what is going on as you dont remember little grey men doing experiments on you :ugeek: . That pull to one side of the room is probably being created from your own mind.
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