Dream recall

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Dream recall

Postby erichsa » 01 May 2013 10:38

I would like to have a better dream recall. Due to a weak bladder I wake up at least 5 times or more at night. Same times I remember the dream I had before waking up, but often I have a fleeting glimpse and it is gone. So I am lucky waking up that often, all I would like to know how can I improve my dream recall. It does not have to be lucid as I enjoy all types of dreams. I keep a dream book, and also use a recorder at night. Anticipating your replies with thanks :)

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Re: Dream recall

Postby LucidLink » 01 May 2013 14:13

Hi! I have the exact same problem, and I have your solution! :)

The key is, that little fleeting glimpse you have? That's the key right there. Next time you wake up in the night, try not to move or open your eyes really. Just lay down and relax, almost like your still asleep. Now focus on that fleeting glimpse, focus on every detail you know from it. Focus on the glimpse, and try hard to remember the rest of the dream. Once you get good at it, like I have, turning those small fleeting glimpses into whole dreams becomes easy :)

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Re: Dream recall

Postby dreamworld777 » 01 May 2013 15:07

I think this has got to be the biggest problem for most people,including myself....
Just last night I dreamed that I was talking with my daughter and said,"This just can't possibly be happening"...(no idea what was happening though) I looked down at my hand to do a reality check and sure enough,my hand was brown with short and long fingers...I held up my hand and showed my daughter,got the sudden feeling of lucidity and then went completely blank...no idea where the dream went or even what happened from there...no memory at all.You can imagine how mad I was when I woke up and realized that my lucid dream was a total flop....sighhhhh!!!!!

I don't know why that happens but I wonder if the dream actually does go on and we just forget it when we awake or if the dream just collapses and ends....if I had a dollar for every time that happens to me... :roll:

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