teleportation from normal to lucid dream (rewritten)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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teleportation from normal to lucid dream (rewritten)

Postby crazyguitarking » 01 May 2013 13:19

This is the rewritten version of my dream I had 2 days ago.

I went to sleep after an exhausting day, and when I'm very tired I always dream about mad trippy things. I started dreaming as I entered a psychedelic/dark psychedelic world. There was no colour only depression and torturous psychedelica. With torturous psychedelica I mean things like steel misformed obelisks with duckfaces coming out of it, it's the part that shows animal abuse in the world, shown in a way that ducks are trapped into a steel misformed obelisk and are trying to escape or asking for help. When I walked further I saw a classmate, and this classmate is someone who spends his life on the computer, he is a sort of nolifer that barely goes out. So I approached to him and I said "it's time to change your life". As I put my arm around his neck I jumped into the air and in a fraction of a second everything was sucked up into a tiny vortex, the place was empty, and a half second later we have been teleported to another, colourful, peaceful and still psychedelic dimension. After approx 3 seconds my classmate left, I think he found his path. And the place really looked like something I saw earlier "oh yes" it was the same neighbourhood where also the railway from my other lucid dream was, and I remember that other lucid dream was fantastic so I realized that I was actually dreaming and I said "yay I'm lucid". Again I walked furhter because I saw an anormal bus stop I was actually tripping balls the bus stop was twirling. But some mad power that told me to wake up forced me to open my eyes. Because I was actually not 100% in a comfortable sleep. So I had a double feeling a part of my spirit was in my dreaming world and another part was in my body so in my bed. I thought it would be easy to open my eyes but it was painful, as I tried to open my eyes my beautiful world turned into a tunnel leading to the reality at the end of the tunnel I saw the inside of my eyes and I opened them. I had a serious headache because it was an unexpected interruption. I looked at the hour it was 3 am, I watched my phone and I saw I didn't set any alarm. So the mad power was actually my alarm because I had school that day. I think the mad power woke me up early enough to set my alarm at the right hour. And I slept again... too bad the lucid part only took 5 seconds because of that mad power

Now a little thing about telepathic alarms:
Everytime I forget to set my alarm I wake up a but too early to set my alarm. It rarely happens I oversleep. Now why do I talk about "telepathic alarms" because when I do set my alarm I wake up exactly 1 minute before my alarm goes off, but my phone must be near me or else it wont work. Kind of human bluetooth. I'm sure it's because I hate my alarm and I want to put it off before it goes off. :D

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Re: teleportation from normal to lucid dream (rewritten)

Postby StrangeDreamer » 13 May 2013 10:47

In regards to your telepathic alarm, my brother said the otherday that sometimes in his dreams he knows when his alarm clock is going to go off. It might just be a coincidence but it might not be. Also I had a rather vivid dream and at the end I started falling, I woke up just before falling out of bed...
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