My first lucid dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream

Postby klaudio.dd » 03 May 2013 04:56

I had my first lucid dream very long time ago, it was a WILD dream and I was only 7 years old, but I remember that dream as if it was a real life event from today(Of course at that time I had no idea what a lucid dream was). It was a dream that seemed to last a couple of hours, but it probably lasted just for some seconds or a few minutes because it happened during the time that my mom was trying to wake me up to go to school. The first thought that came to my mind when I woke up was about me being a charachter of Dragon Ball Z (I had been thinking about that for a few days actually). And then after I should have said to my mom to let me sleep just one minute, a habit I had and I still have to this day(this I don't really remember) I fell asleep and the dream started... It was an incredible experience(that's why I repeated that dream in my mind over and over again)... I found myself flying and to my complete astonishement I had some control over my body and I felt so powerful. Then I started falling with an amazing speed, but I just found myself on the ground without experiencing the contact. I found myself into a black surface with rivers of lava around it. The lava was covering the ground but I wasn't affraid. I just sat there and didn't make a move for what seemed like an eternity until I saw many people materialize in front of me and beetween them were charachters of Dragon Ball and also charachters from my real world, my teacher, my friend and also my sister. They were all talking together at the same time about going to save someone and I was little confused, but then I put two fingers in my forehead to use teleport, but nothing happened. I felt powerless and then I tried to speak and I could not. At that moment I became fully aware that I was inside a dream and I concentrated in opening my eyes and I was finally awake. I had other WILD dreams during my life, but none of them impressed me as much as this one, mainly because I never experienced the sensation of waiting inside a dream. I have also experienced many dreams where I realized during the dream that I was dreaming, but few of them have remained in my memory and none of them is complete.

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Re: My first lucid dream

Postby Aurablade » 12 May 2013 18:24

Im impress with your lucid dream that you can even remember it from all those years back ima little dbz addict myself and i try having wake induce lucid dreaming trying to become a super saiyan in my dream or there some dreams that i would be non lucid and i would be flying over a dragonballz terrian and fell like a warrior myself but i never actual went super saiyan in my dream i remember one dream i had i was on ecstasy and i fell asleep and i was tryna power up in my dream but evertime i scream the scenery would keep changing it was like rapid image sensation but i was in a dream i could control it to a somepoint then

i had a dream i was vegeta on the jedi council it was hilarious lol

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Re: My first lucid dream

Postby azsxdc321 » 12 May 2013 21:49

That is so cool. I only recently had a lucid dream, and it that dream I simply rolled over and lost my awareness. I guess lucid dreaming comes naturally to some people. I find it fascinating how our dreams contain things that were in the back of our minds.

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