Lucid dreams always hostile

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Lucid dreams always hostile

Postby martin4x4 » 03 May 2013 23:09

Hi, I am new here, but I have known this page for a while. Anyway, I would like some help from you, if it is even possible to help me with this issue.

So, every time I become aware of the fact that I am dreaming, everything around me turns hostile, no matter if I did anything or not. For instance, last night I was on a beach, beautiful sunny day. I met there a person I knew it was impossible for me to meet, not mentioning he spoke to me, so I immediately realized it was a dream (although I should mention I said aloud that I am dreaming); right then the sea started rising and a huge wave was coming at me, but it was quite far so I had enough time to contain it and make the sea calm again. Then, when the attempt to get rid of me with sea failed, some person came at me, trying to poke me in the eyes; he was too close for me to contain him, so he succeed and that was the end of my dream. This one was quite short as I recall.
The other time it was a really long dream, quite a lot happened before I realized I was dreaming. I started doubting my surroundings, so I did a quick reality check, proving it was just a dream. I was at a balcony of a restaurant and a power plant was in the distance. I played with a smoke coming from the power plant, changing it colors for few seconds when two characters tried to attack me. I tried to not raise any suspicions in them that I was the one causing this changes. When they tried to attack me, I broke their arms before they could reach me, so they could not throw me over the railing, down from the balcony, but then I was bit in my back, which awoke me.
Another one I can recall; I was at a mall, when some crazy driver rushed in with a car. I thought he needs to be stopped before something bad happens and then his engine blew off. It was quite a show indeed, but immediately some woman ran at me from one of those shops with a knife in her hand, her face turned into something scary and then she cut my throat.

If I have enough time to realize I am dreaming and those characters (or in last dream even the nature itself) tries to attack me, I can contain them, calm them, or once I even scared those characters that they left me alone and ran away, but I need time for that, to think of a way how to stop them and then to do the desired actions itself. After such attacks, if nothing more comes to kill me, I can enjoy the rest of the dream.

Can you help me out with this? I do not have lucid dreams too often and I do not want to fight for almost every one of them, mostly ending with a knife in my throat or any other death my subconsciousness prepares for me.

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Re: Lucid dreams always hostile

Postby taniaaust1 » 04 May 2013 10:38

oh boy.. sounds like you must have some issues right at the surface of your consciousness seeing the dreams go bad once you become aware OR you are creating bad dreams via your thinking as soon as you become aware eg thinking something bad will occur, will have bad stuff occuring. Got to think nice postive thoughts.

If you cant control these occurances via your thoughts (which is the best way to deal with this kind of issue) maybe instead spin to go into a different dream.. while spinning think that when you stop, you will be in a NICE fun dream. If spinning wakes you up.. create a magical doorway or something and leave that dream scene throu it.

Also dealing with the DCs violently is very likely to create more violence in the dream so isnt at all a good way to get rid of what you are finding to be a bad dream. Maybe deal with them in a non violent way eg I was in a LD stuck in little row boat in the ocean with a demon sitting opposite glaring and throwing malice at me. I shut my eyes (thou he was very scary) and just turned him into a cute little boy. Maybe you need to start dealing with the DCs in a non violent way to get the violence from happening in your dreams. (it could be some kind of spiritual test from the higher parts of yourself.. who knows) but anyway.. doing violence in dreams is likely to create more violence.

You could also experiment with creating an invincible magic CLOAK to throw over you which stops anything which wants to harm you from being able to get close in anyway (and then just completely ignore the bad guys.. dont interact with them at all, make out they arent there.. dont rescue other DCs from them as that would be to keep aknowledging them). I guess if you could do that and use it a couple of times, it would become easy then to manifest it in if needed.

edit.. corrected a word mistake.. hope my post makes sense now.
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Re: Lucid dreams always hostile

Postby TaTa » 05 May 2013 08:11

This video may help. I talks about how to turn nightmares into a positive expirience.

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Re: Lucid dreams always hostile

Postby Summerlander » 06 May 2013 01:28

You could come up with a plan of action to focus on next time you lucid dream. Something interesting. Like flying to the stars or something. If any dream element bothers you just focus on what you desire and remember that whoever or whatever comes at you isn't real.

Try not to think that the lucid dream will turn nasty or your risky perpetuating this formula. I'd call this the Frederick van Eeden syndrome.

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