Ding dong ditching xD

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Ding dong ditching xD

Postby Ender_brine » 04 May 2013 20:31

Ok so the dream goes like this:

Me, my brother Ian, my friend Deia, and some random geeky kid are going ding dong ditching. We go and do it to this one house. After ringing the doorbell, we hide behind the guys gate (so we are now in his backyard). Ian hides in their pool, for whatever reason. Then the father of the house comes out of his garage, getting ready to leave for work. He looks somewhat like Atticus from "To Kill A Mockingbird." Anyway, he is getting ready to leave in his car, which is just outside his backyard gate. Suddenly, what I assume to be his daughters, comes up behind us four. They're both young, blonde twins, probably 8 years old and 5 years old. Quickly, I tell them that we are actually gremlins, not humans, and we only look human to blend in. Somehow, this is supposed to keep them quiet, which it does. Ian, who is suddenly next to us and bone dry, pokes me. I make a weird little sound. Suddenly, the dad, who was about to leave, perks up and starts coming towards us behind his gate.

Hold the phone! I've had dreams similar to this, where I hide behind someone's gate, they approach me, but then they just dismiss it and leave. I remember this in-dream, which is weird, because it reassures me that he will leave. You see that? Technically, I knew deep in the back of my head that this was a dream, but I guess it didn't filter through all the way. Anyway.

The dad continues his approach. Panicked, I search for a way to distract him, or make him not come near us. So I pick up a random little red teapot, jump up, and chuck it at his head, while yelling something. He falls to the ground, bloody, and I suddenly realize that that was really stupid! He calls for police, and I hear sirens. I take off down his street. By now, it's dusk. I'm getting weary, when I suddenly see one of those paths that run perpendicular to streets, so as to connect parallel streets. I run down about five of those, and come across a wall that signifies the end of a neighborhood. I hop the wall, and come face-to-face with a large building. It had a steel skeleton, and the rest was glass panes. I assume it's a banquet hall. I run inside, thinking its empty, since the place is dark inside. There are some classy circular tables strewn around, and I see a group of higher-ups sitting at one. I'm too busy running from the coppers to pay then attention. Then I run through it, and reach my house. It's a big wooden manor, which came from a previous dream. I run I to my room, panicked and exhausted. I hear sirens, and seal my window tight. Remember the geeky blonde kid who I don't remember who he was? He was in my room. He says to me "I know what you've done." Then the dream goes hazy. I forget what happens in the end of it. And that was my dream.

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Re: Ding dong ditching xD

Postby mia » 07 May 2013 02:58

'Almost' lucid all right. ;)
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