Using False Awakenings For LD

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Using False Awakenings For LD

Postby silentlucidity » 05 May 2013 04:02

Hi, my name is Jay, new here. I first started having lucid dreams about 10 years ago before I knew what they we're, I haven't had very many but they we're all very significant such as flying like superman and even swirling stars around with my finger. Never really put much thought into how to make them happen just remember realizing that I was dreaming, that seems to be the key. Then today I was at work, I say work but it was Sat so basically surfing the net and came across an article by chance about this 'Remee' sleep mask thing, from what i understand it's basically a sleep mask with LED lights in it that are supposed to help you enter lucid dreaming. After reading some reviews I ended up landing on a site where I learned about false awakenings and reality checks to lucid dreams so long story short I made I guess a conscious 'reality check if you will of a red light because the lights in the mask were red.

When I made it home from my half day of work my first order of business was to take a nap as usual. A lot of my lucid dreams are from naps but I wasn't really expecting one, here's what happened. The first dream I had I was on the street I grew up on strangely enough which is a dead end street and my house was the last one on the street. I started out at the opposite end of the street from my house walking toward it, what was really strange is that I was using those cane like things that people with multiple dystrophy wear that attach to your arms, I can walk just fine but it was a dream so it didn't seem odd at all so i guess i missed my chance to do a reality check there. Anyway, every so many houses there were people out in their yards, each time I approached a house with people outside, which I didn't recognize but kind of felt like I knew them anyway, they stopped me and asked me if I left a note on their door that they apparently didn't care for, I was like no, I haven't been on this street in 20 years and kept walking. I got to the end of the street to the house opposite to the one I grew up in and there was this guy that was really upset, again asking me about this note, and I was like I dunno but I've been asked about three times already, and he's pointing his finger at me demanding that I tell him that I wrote the note, even taps me on the forehead. Now if I was awake I probably would of clocked him at that point, but I had these metal things on my arms and even so in previous dreams some mysterious force always slows my arm down so I can't punch anyway.

It was at that point that I had a false awakening, previously I called them a 'dream within a dream', I woke up, in my own bed like everything was normal thinking that I was awake. What woke me up was my cat, he jumped on my bed, the thing is though is that I close the door to my bedroom when I go to bed for that very reason, so he can't wake me up so again I missed the 'reality check'. So I get up, doing the wake up stretch but I was dreaming so it was like 20 times more intense, you know where your muscles start to vibrate. I get out of bed and look in the mirror and I'm wearing red sunglasses and they have red lenses so my whole field of vision is red, another clue that I was dreaming, the red light that I made a note of while I was conscious at work. I walk into the living room and there is one of those things that baby's play with sitting next to the front door, you know the ones with the blinking lights on it that play different sounds. This one was playing music and it had just one light on it and it was green, this has no place in my reality as my kids are in junior high, again I missed the opportunity to do a reality check.

I'm assuming, in the way my conscious mind works, green meant go and if i would of walked out the front door I could of entered a LD state, but I didn't I woke up. Any suggestions on what to do next time?


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Re: Using False Awakenings For LD

Postby DeltaV » 05 May 2013 08:44

I recommend to use other reality checks alongside the sleep mask. Whenever you wake up, do a reality check, like checking your hands or trying to push your fingers through something. Also, do it mindfully. ASK yourself if you are dreaming, and become aware of your surroundings. Check for possible inconsistencies.
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