Emotional dream that I want to remember!

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Emotional dream that I want to remember!

Postby Ender_brine » 07 May 2013 05:45

I had a dream last night, but I could only recall select parts of it upon awakening. (My dream recall has been acting weird. Instead of remembering one whole dream, I'm beginning to remember about 3 dreams, but in small fragments). Here's what I remember of the dream:

At what I presume to be the dreams start, me and a bunch of men around 40 are walking into a small wooden building (I dreamt in first person, so I can't be sure, but I'm gonna guess that I was around 40 as well). The owner of the building is an old man, probably around 60 or so. Us men begin to talk about the war we fought in.

Then the forgotten dream takes off as basically a memory of said war. There's a huge leap of what I remember, then there's the reason I actually want to remember the dream. Here it is:

We're fighting an unknown army. Everything is slightly steel/blue, as if it were just before dawn. He battle scene is taking place in some 1940-like city. Based on our apparel, I think that this is World War II. I vaguely remember fighting and shooting, then something happens (I assume I got shot) and I fall to the ground. Some medical men lift me onto a pulley, and are wheeling me to safety. I think that my commander was yelling my name, in distress. I felt so weak. No pain, just weakness. All I could think about was the threat of being shot again, now that I am so vulnerable. The whole battle field looked like the battle scene in the last fight scene from the movie, "Saving Private Ryan." Why would I want to remember this dream? The emotion evoked. I've never felt such emotion, even in a lucid dream. Being shelled away seemed to go in slow motion, so the feelings were enhanced. They weren't good emotions…just powerful.

The part that makes me sad isn't entirely that I can't remember the dream, but that I can't remember the DCs involved. I really felt close to those men, as if I really WAS in a war. And if I could see them again in a dream…I know this is stupid, but I lack friends, and DCs are the closest that I have. I'm sad that I will never meet those guys again. The memories that I have left of the dream are fading yet, and so is the emotion I felt. Which really saddens me…

Anyway, please respond as you wish. And thanks.

A few things I forgot to mention. In the war, we were all about 25-30 years old. Not that it matters, but still. And another thing. Remember that old man who owns that wooden house where we remnisce upon the war? And remember the commander who was crying my name? I believe they were the same people.

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