I need serious help with shapeshifting.

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I need serious help with shapeshifting.

Postby Jacob46719 » 07 May 2013 17:12

Lucid or not, I can never sense any feeling in extra or changed body parts. For example, I grow a 3ft tail. I try to feel it by rubbing my hands on it. My tail feels nothing except at the base. Sometimes I manage to control it in some way, but I don't feel it as if it were real. Another example. How about some more arms? Ok, I aquired said arms, so I then had 4 total, 2 below my originals. I do not have any feeling through them. This makes them nearly impossible to control. Even simple things like an extra finger don't have any feeling through them at all. None. Please, I am desparate to get this problem fixed, I want the full experience!
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Re: I need serious help with shapeshifting.

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 08 May 2013 19:22

hmm. I'm no expert but maybe you could try to maximize all of your other senses other than touch, and really absorb everything around you and about your body. Maybe that will get your brain aware and sensitive. Then try to focus on the sense of touch. By maximizing your awareness of your altered body, maybe then you will be able to function them.
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