I'm having trouble lucid dreaming,

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I'm having trouble lucid dreaming,

Postby nathansuchy » 07 May 2013 21:02

I just learned about lucid dreaming last thursday and I have become good at dream recall and Sunday night I told myself tonight I will have a lucid dream and while I did not have one something very interesting. I had a noncontroled dream about lucid dreaming. It was at my grandmothers house and she for some reason had a huge library in her house and the entire dream I was looking for a book about lucid dreaming. I have done a lot of reading on lucid dreaming since then and I really wanna have a lucid dream. I think I'm on the right track though because I managed to control the subject of my dream...

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Re: I'm having trouble lucid dreaming,

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 May 2013 02:58

You may of just dreamed that due to thinking about it so much. Whatever we think of during the day a lot may at night appear in our dreams.

Its a very good sign anyway as it means your subconciousness is paying attention that you wish to lucid dream and expressing this. It may actually help you to achieve it.

Im not sure why you think you are having "trouble" with lucid dreaming when you've only been trying this for a few days. Thinking like that is sending a message to your subconciousness which could end up working against you due to you thinking you are having trouble with it all, so could end up making it be far harder for you to do then it may of been otherwise. Your thoughts affect your subconsciousness.
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