LEFT ALONE - Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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LEFT ALONE - Lucid Dream

Postby wondering_ed » 12 May 2013 14:51

n my dream I woke up running. I kept on running and running and running while my eyes are closed. Then when I opened my eyes I was already in a market area. The scenery is in between 1pm to 3pm in the afternoon. The setting was in Italy market with a final fantasy XII concept design in the buildings.

A girl approached me and said "You're safe now!" I replied "Safe, but where's my family? Where are they?" She said "I don't know, but you're safe now." I left her and kept on wandering and searching for my family. I didn't know where to start because I was confused. Then another girl talked to me saying "Hey, come with me!" She grabbed my right hand and ran along the busy street of the market. I asked "Where are we going? Who are you?". She didn't hear me or she just ignored the question.

We both kept on running till we reached a tall tower and climbed it with a ladder located behind it. As we are about to reach the top I felt the gentle breeze of air. Feel's like it was paradise. Then when we reached the top I was stunned with the beautiful scenery and the cool breeze. She then said "Look! Its really nice isn't it?! This is where I hang out!". I was really stunned with that beautiful scenery. Feels like I was inside the Final Fantasy XII game. I saw the whole city, the broad horizon before me. A breath taking scene. It took my mind away from my family. Then she suddenly said "Hey what time is it?". I looked at my watch and it was 3:30pm. She then said "Oh my! You're mom told me she's gonna meet you up at the pier! She said this is the only time where you can go home with your family again! We only have 30 minutes more left till the ferry leaves!"

Hearing the message from her I hurriedly grabbed her hand and climbed down the tower. In a rush we went back to the market. She too didn't know where the pier is. So we immediately asked questions to the vendors where the pier is located. A kind butcher told me the way. Then we kept running to the direction pointed to me. Then in the middle she suddenly stopped and said "This is as far as I can go." I said "Wait! You're not coming?". She answered " I live here, I guess this is the first time and last time am gonna see you." With a sad face I said "I guess so. Thank you!" She said "Go now! Or you might not see your family again!". Sad, but I had to go. I ran and ran till I saw an opening. A ladder to a ferry. I was happy because I knew I was gonna see my family again. Then when climbed that ladder I just then realized it was broken ferry and mom was on the other ferry not far from there. I rushed and climbed down to the other ferry but when I was about to get close to it. It started to move and go. I ran and ran until the edge of the pier and kept on shouting "MOM!!!! MOM!!!!! MOM!!!!!" Nobody heard me and the boat left me behind.

Left alone with the chance of meeting my family again wasted. A heavy sadness comes in and tears started to pour down my eyes. Saying "No! No! I'll never see them again!". "Mommmm!!! Brother!!! Nooo!!!" Weeping and crying, suddenly I realized that the girl who I was with came. She said "Come, let's go back to the tower. While walking back I slowly realized that it was all a dream. I said to myself "This is just a dream. A dream." She then said "Did you say something?" I kept silent. Still crying, we went back. Reaching the top and seeing that scenery again. It lifts some of my sadness. She then said "When am sad I go here. I don't know but this place takes away my sad feelings." While watching the beautiful scenery I asked myself "This is just a dream, will I wake up to see my family again? Or should I stay in this fantasy dream?" The place was really amazing, it was really in a final fantasy world. So beautiful that I didn't want to wake up even though I realized it was just a dream. It didn't took me a long time and I decided to wake up. Before I woke up , I took a last glance of that fantasy world and said "I'll never see this world again." I looked at the girl and said in my mind "Thank you so much for giving me the chance of seeing your world. Thank you for guiding me here. I know we'll never see each other again." She said "Why are you looking at me? Is something wrong with my face?" I didn't answer and for the last time I faced that beautiful scenery. I took my last deep breath of that cool breeze. Raised my arms to form a cross. Closed my eyes and slowly fell backwards. When I fell, I woke up in the real world. Feeling happy and somewhat sad…

~ Though I think I won't be able to wake up in the real world if I chose to live in hers. Then again, I still choose to live with my family and woke up. 2:47pm. Her world was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. If had not wake up, could you call it a nightmare? It wasn't a nightmare after all. I don't know much about dream translations. Any ideas would help me a lot. I wrote this down the moment I woke up. It was Feb. 17, 2012. I know it's kind of late but, this dream means a lot to me. A place that I couldn't forget. That scenery...

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Re: LEFT ALONE - Lucid Dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 May 2013 10:26

If had not wake up, could you call it a nightmare?

No.. it wouldnt have really been called a nightmare if you couldnt wake up. You would rather been in a sleep paralyses state.. common with LDs. One thou does end up breaking the paralyses state in the end but it can be scary if one doesnt know what is going on (if one didnt know about sleep paralyses).
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