hostile dreams / traps

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hostile dreams / traps

Postby neverlandjulia » 15 May 2013 14:00

yesterday I had my first lucid dream that lasted more than 1 minute and didn't happen in my bed/apartment. but the thing is that I was feeling like the dream didn't want me there if you know what I mean. firstly, I couldn't hang out with the person I wanted to - I wanted them to leave the classroom in which they were studying but neither their teacher agreed for that nor they were very happy to go with me. so I quit and decided to look for something to eat to check how the dream food tastes. but 1. i couldn't find anything 2. when i walked into the store the lady behind the counter was staring at me in very hostile way 3. when i left the store to look for something else i entered strange maze, and when i tried to leave it and turned back, because i noticed i couldn't find the way out, i noticed that behind me there was the same as ahead of me, so i got scared that i'm trapped. then i woke up.

do you have any idea why that happened and what i can do if it happens the next time?

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Re: hostile dreams / traps

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 May 2013 02:35

crap I lost a long post to you.

Always remember the DCs are part of your own subconsciousness. Hostile DC means a part of you is hostile to yourself (more inner love towards yourself may be needed). Its just a battle of your own waking self, having to battle with your own subconsciousness. DCs being your own subconsciousness.. do have minds of their owns. Dont be discouraged if they wont do what you want, it can be very hard to change them.

The store.. you couldnt find food to try or did you allow the DC there to put you off of looking? When you try to create something like food into your dream.. you may have to try to seek it out not just on a shelf somewhere but also try looking in some cupboards. Thinking of a freezer being in the next aisle and then going there to that freezer (believe there is going to be a freezer in the next aisle when you go there). I've found a good way to find things like icecreams. :D

The maze.. I think you may of created that into your LD due to feeling a bit "lost and confused" due to what you were trying to do in your LD wasnt working for you (the DCs not doing what you wanted, the food not being found) hence the maze symbolism coming up at that point of the LD makes sense. So from failed challenges, it then caused you to then have to face another challenge. (I so love dream stuff, its often predictable what kind of symbolics may come next. Not just your thoughts but your feelings play a huge role in what you will get happening in your LD).

The maze.. you could of tried to fly out of it, you could of thought of a door you may of missed being around the next corner or you could of tried to manifest a maze "guide" to take you out of there eg think of someone (maze guide) on his way to help you and guide you out of the maze.

You possibly may end up with this maze symbolism again next time you LD if you feel "lost and confused" again at some level seeing that is how your subconsciousness expresses that state. So I suggest to think hard before your next LD about what you will do next time to try to get out if it reoccurs. Another option would be to look for a shovel to dig your way under a wall.. or if maze is hedge.. you could look for some hedge cutters or secretars to cut your way out (look in your pocket for some snips). Have several ideas in your head of how you will get out of the maze if you find yourself back in it again.
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