meditation etc

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meditation etc

Postby mia » 15 May 2013 15:18

Wondering who among you meditate, do yoga, or other such practises as aids to lucid dreaming?

I practise yoga for about 45 minutes once a week; I meditate ( used to be 20 min once a week, but now I try for at least 5 days a week. Usually now anywhere from 30 min to 50 min).
I've also tried some of the theta wave and isochronic tones ( is that what they are called?) on you tube during meditation; some I really like and feel they are a great aid; others are just annoying.

Do you feel meditation ( or yoga, etc. ) assists you in achieving lucid dreaming?
How often do you meditate, and when? How do you practise? Anyone do yoga?
(Have you tried the isochronic or other beats/tones? If so, what do you think of them? )
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Re: meditation etc

Postby Je-Je » 15 May 2013 19:55

I meditate for 1hours, but not everyday.
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Re: meditation etc

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 May 2013 12:00

Im a yogi but not one practicing right now one could say thou I never could completely excape a yogi lifestyle. (Im being rather slack currently so not doing much meditation at all, only occassionally).

As a yogi I used to do most forms of meditation (kundalini, focused point eg on something like a candle, Qabalah, guided, mind clearing, meditation on the third eye, vibrational/frequency raising, healing etc) and yogi stuff including various forms of yoga :D (hatha, arhatic etc). Used to average about 1.5 hrs per day (doing quite intense stuff, one couldnt do more with the forms I was doing). Im currently just meditating (energy raising/vibratory kind of meditation), when my energy field needs some cleaning (when it gets to the point that its bothering me, Im energy sensitive so can tell what my aura is doing so forced into 45mins meditation once every 1-2 weeks.. so yeah Im slack right now and doing the bare minimun there).

Im currently thou quite intensely doing things, experimenting with my subconsciousness one could say and working with it, really going down the "rabbit hole" (eg deep exploration into the subconsciousness). Im putting in 2-3 hrs per day with that (and will be having to do that for at least the next month) so my LD is right now taking a backburner. (If you REALLY want to know more send me a pm and I'll tell you what Ive been doing).

Have you tried the isochronic or other beats/tones

Nope. I wouldnt use them as I think it would make me lazier :lol: I really dont need things like that if I got serious about things and put in some effort.
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