New, first experiences

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Re: New, first experiences

Postby Eatmoreham » 15 May 2013 22:08

Look up "Exploding Head Syndrome"

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Re: New, first experiences

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 May 2013 02:04

Sim B wrote:First: When you try the WILD, is it possible that you open your eyes, believe you are awake, but, in fact, you are asleep? I ask that because I just can't seem to make the WILD work. I opened my eyes in my own room multiple times though, believing I was awake.

Yes.. believing you have physically woken up when you are still asleep is actually quite common when doing this stuff so you should always do some reality checks when you first wake up to try to find out if you are really awake or not.

buzzing is basically the norm in out of body experiences (OBE) .. something which happens when the astral body leaves the physical one. Our astral bodies leave our physical bodies during the night when we go to sleep, so the buzzing is a sign you are in between the two states of being awake and going to sleep. You could either at this point go into a dream (where subconsciousness becomes active) or have an out of body experience (where the subconsciousness is playing a similar part as it does in your day to day life.. so an experience more like real life but in which you arent in your physical body) or have an experience where you are experiencing both of these in some way.

Try to not get concerned about the buzzing and look forward to whatever kind of experience it may lead too.

Finding yourself in your normal room but with a TV (which you dont have in RL there) which is on with images on it, ould be a way of your subconsciousness and waking mind's interaction trying to make sense of hypogogic images eg it can put them onto a movie screen or TV. Start of going into a proper dream.

You are close but just need to let go of your fears.

When you wake up paralysed, seeing things in your room which really arent there in real life.. Try to roll out of bed, this can make you roll out of your body.
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Re: New, first experiences

Postby clown » 16 May 2013 04:09

When u heard that crowd song happy birthday, if u open ur eyes u could very well see them and realize ure in a lucid dream. That buzzing sound and heartbeat increment is something u shud be looking forward to, not fear it. It's the sign that ure in a transaction to lucid dream. Don fear it, embrace it :)

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