Asking your subconscious questions?

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Asking your subconscious questions?

Postby alissa » 16 May 2013 01:04

So, is it true you can ask your subconscious questions and get honest answers? I saw it on the website, and as I've never done it, I want to know about it. Has anyone had success with this? Or does it not really work?
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Re: Asking your subconscious questions?

Postby LucidLink » 16 May 2013 12:01

Of course it works ;)

I don't even do things in my LD anymore, I just ask that to do everything. Try asking "Show me something amazing" ;)

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Re: Asking your subconscious questions?

Postby neverlandjulia » 16 May 2013 22:36

alissa, what kind of questions you were having in mind specifically?

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