Quick Question about MP3

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Quick Question about MP3

Postby styxcb » 21 Aug 2011 02:06

I have a couple of question abouts Unexplainable's ISO mp3. I have used it a couple of times at night and in a few WILD attempts in the morning. I fall asleep every time.

If going for a DILD, would I ideally hit play as I fall asleep......having the 45 minutes play as I'm sleeping? And if going for a WILD, am I try to stay awake for the full 45 minutes? Should I aim to have the WILD before the track is finished? Can I loop the track?

Finally, how does this ISO mp3 compare to such tracks as Symphony of Dreams, or the Dreamwalk Program?



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Re: Quick Question about MP3

Postby Rebecca » 23 Aug 2011 04:00

That's ok if you fall asleep :D

That is what the MP3 is actually designed to do: it starts off in a waking (beta) frequency (which is why you dont need to wait to hit play as you're falling asleep - just start listening normally while you're fully aware). Then it goes down to deeply relaxed and dreamy frequencies (alpha to theta). Theta is probably the point when you're falling asleep. The challenge is to just stay on the verge of that half-sleep state, enough for only your BODY to fall asleep (but not your MIND!)

Then it comes back to a more conscious frequency (alpha or beta) which is designed to trigger consciousness while dreaming (as in a DILD) or just support your WILD. That's why it's better to listen in the early hours of the morning - about 6-7am for me personally - when dream sleep is FAR more likely.

Unfortunately looping it wont help while you sleep because it will return to higher conscious frequency at the start which will probably wake you up - or failing that it will just be totally unsynchronized with your sleeping frequency and you will not fall into the entrainment pattern. So just listening once through per session is enough, I find 45-minutes is long enough!

Hope that helps!

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