Been about 3 months, little bit discouraged :(

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Been about 3 months, little bit discouraged :(

Postby Shellton » 25 Aug 2011 07:11

Hello all! I'm new to the forums but only somewhat new to lucid dreaming! As in the title i've been keeping my dream journal, reality checking, learning and studying lucid dreaming for 3 months and i'm starting to get a little bit discouraged on it.

I keep a very tight, very detailed dream journal consisting of three sections; 'Notes' to detail my day and what i'm doing before bed, 'Dream' to write all about the dream when i wake up and 'Reflection' to write how the dream makes me feel or what i think about it later in the day when i re-read it. Even with all this work i've yet to get a fully lucid dream...

I keep getting semi-lucid or just on the brink lucid dreams but i can't seem to break the line :( The past month i've had my brain tell me, in my dreams, that i'm dreaming but i still can't get lucidity and i'm having trouble understand why? I've recently dipped in my reality check per day quota from when i first started by i still try to do as many as possible.

Thanks in advance and hopefully someone could point me in a better direction or help me by giving me some tips! If anyone needs more information of my lucid dreaming routine/practice i'll be happy to talk about some addition details to better flesh out my problem or to lead to some more helpful talk.

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Re: Been about 3 months, little bit discouraged :(

Postby JustMe0 » 28 Aug 2011 04:30

Try different techniques. Try to LD during a nap (not a forceful nap tho, but when you are -legit- tired) because then, you go into REM faster.
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