First time lucid, but no control

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First time lucid, but no control

Postby jak5C0lon » 29 Aug 2011 18:54

Last night I had my first lucid dream. At some point in my dream I realized I was dreaming and tried to become lucid. I tried spinning and told myself that I wanted to fly, when I open my eyes I feel weightless and stare up into an incredibly bright night sky, but while the scenery is breathtaking I cannot move except for my head. I wanted to stay longer, but I remembered that I had class in a half hour and woke up just in case my alarm clock wouldn't wake me up. Is there any good tips for beginners dream control?

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Re: First time lucid, but no control

Postby magicdog93 » 29 Aug 2011 21:41

practice makes perfect, just try and try, i made allot off flying attempts but failed, but soon i was flying,
and remember, you have to BELIEVE
i am joshua, nice to meet you,

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Re: First time lucid, but no control

Postby domitomi7 » 19 Sep 2011 00:11

Try hurting yourself.
bash your head in the wall,
stop breahing...
People will say: this is a dream, you cant get hurt.
This is the point.You CANT get hurt in dreams.This will boost your morrale,and help you understand that you are the GOD!!!
Also,if you jump off a skyscraper,you will try to save yourself, and thus,fly, grapple, shoot webs and such.
Try to counter your fears too.

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Re: First time lucid, but no control

Postby rdubya » 20 Sep 2011 01:53

you can't get hurt, but you can certainly feel pain(unless you have really good control you can avoid it)

also, the falling sensation(such as falling from a skyscraper) can easily wake you if your fear senses heighten too high(probably a defensive mechanism)

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