What if you can't sleep enough?

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What if you can't sleep enough?

Postby dtommy79 » 28 Apr 2011 10:04

I've been just reading through the article on the main page about how to remember your dreams.

So in order to remember your dreams and have lucid dreams you need to have a long good night sleep. What if I'm unable to sleep 8 hours? Even if I spend 8 or 10 hours in bed, I only sleep no more than 5 hours.

Do you have any tips on how to increase this time? I recently started practicing meditation, but I'm still very newby so I can't tell if it works yet.

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Re: What if you can't sleep enough?

Postby Rebecca » 01 May 2011 00:32

On average we need 7-9 hours sleep though it depends on the person.

Some people (like yourself) exist on just 4-5 hours sleep especially if they have been trained to do that for many years because of work commitments.

I recommend this website if you want to learn more about sleep and how to get more of it:
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