Why hello there!

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Why hello there!

Postby Whale » 01 Sep 2011 20:18

Hello I'm whale, and Im a lder newbie. My firat ld was when i was five. I would really like to learn to ld and this seems like the perfect place! I am on a phone atm cuz my laptop is in for repairs, so i will tell more about myself i get it back.

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Re: Why hello there!

Postby Mewie » 02 Sep 2011 13:25

Hello Whale! :D

Welcome to the forum and the fantastic LD world.
This is the perfect place, yes! Rebeccas articles are amazing, and so are the people in here! :D

Have nice dreams (and LDs! :) )
Reality is a lovely place,
but I wouldn't wanna live there
. ~ Adam Young

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Re: Why hello there!

Postby Jonathan » 03 Sep 2011 22:49

Welcome to the forum, Whale. This site and forum are the perfect places to learn more about LD. How often do you LD now?

Hope your laptop gets fixed!

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