Lucid dreaming only when alone?

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Lucid dreaming only when alone?

Postby Toby » 03 Sep 2011 09:17


I am having lucid dreams for many years, and after all the time, I made an obervation: All my lucid dreams and all my OBE's only occured when I was sleeping alone in a room. I never read anything on it. Are there people who have experienced lucid dreams or OBE when not sleeping alone? Or is it something that has to do with me? (perhaps I don't relax that deeply with someone next to me?!?).

I read that tibetan monks do also lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice and for that purpose they withdraw from the outer world, often to a cave. So what do you think: Is sleeping solitarily a factor that makes lucidity/ OBEs more likely?

I'm looking forward to answers, Toby

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Re: Lucid dreaming only when alone?

Postby Jonathan » 03 Sep 2011 22:47

Toby wrote:perhaps I don't relax that deeply with someone next to me?!?

Hey Toby, perhaps! That would be my guess too. I've had lucid dreams when sleeping alone and with others. It doesn't seem to matter.

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