My first lucid dream-wtf?

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My first lucid dream-wtf?

Postby Towelz » 04 Sep 2011 11:47

bike riding
hit head
wake up without memory of what happened and a lot of things seem different
im 52(I'm currently 17), have a daughter called hope, and looks the same as current girlfriend
everyone else looks same, live same places, so do i
starts to seem unrealistic, I don't believe it can happen, don't want to miss 40 years of my life
I start saying this can't be real - being sad - it clicks that it isnt' real
see dad, tell him what im thinkin and he says "be careful of the *****" can't remember
and I look around and three things stick out, and it's obvious to me they weren't part of the dream, it felt like they were controlling it
and I talked to them and they changed shape trying to seem inconspicuous, seeming inhuman
finally I assualted them, and one hit back, flinging me far across the room
but the power of my thought, or words telling them I knew what they were seemed to throw them off, and they changed shape and changed shape too quickly to see what they were
and seemed worried
and then I had a conversation with them, but for the life of me I can't remember much; other than we came to an agreement of some sort, but then I woke up

so this was my first lucid dream, I had been trying on and off for a while (probably the reason for my lack of success) but this dream was very interesting to me, and I wonder if any of you can relate or tell me if it means anything? Or was all a made up interesting story like most other dreams

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Re: My first lucid dream-wtf?

Postby MiaSnow » 30 Oct 2011 07:27

it certainly sounds like you had a lucid flash... sometimes you can flash lucid then sort of slip back into the story of the dream.

if it was my dream i might consider some words/concepts that come up in the description, like HOPE, SADNESS, DAD, WARNINGS, FIGHTING, AGREEMENTS... i also might consider it as a newly-found empathy for 'my' dad who i might think "missed 40 yrs" of his life. i might take some of his fatherly warnings and advice seriously & focus on talking & coming to agreements.


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Re: My first lucid dream-wtf?

Postby Peter » 30 Oct 2011 09:02

I tend to think that dreams are constructs and dont take a lot of meaning from them. There are lessons but they are not always literal so just enjoy them.
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